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Oct 18, 2021

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10 linear feet, 6 linear inches (24 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Frederick Morris Feiker, editor, management consultant, Director of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, College Dean, and member of the National Inventors' Council.

June 14, 1881      
Born at Northampton, Massachusetts to Frederick Christian and Fanny Barnes (Thayer)

BS in Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Polytechnic Institute

October 6, 1906   
Married Elizabeth Baker Campbell

Technical Journalist, General Electric Company

Editor of Factory magazine, Chicago

Chairman of the Editorial Board for Systems and Factory magazines

1915‑1918    Editor of Electrical World, New York.

Vice‑President and Editorial Director of McGraw‑Hill Company publishers of technical and industrial trade journals.

Assisted Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover in organizing the commodity divisions of  the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce.

Consultant to the Commerce Department and Vice‑President of the Society for Electrical Development.

December 1926-1931   
Managing Director of Associated Business Papers, Inc.

Chair, Advisory Committee on the Census of Distribution, Commerce Department

July 1931‑June 30, 1933       
Director, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Commerce Department
June 20, 1933      
Directed survey of textile industry into personnel needs and educational facilities for the Textile Foundation

Executive Secretary of the American Engineering Council

Educational Consultant for the Textile Foundation.

December 1939   
Dean, School of Engineering, George Washington University

1940‑1961 (?)      
National Inventors' Council, Department of Commerce; Chair, Division of Industry and Engineering Research

January 13, 1967 
Died at Williamsburg, Massachusetts


The papers of were given to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Mrs. Frederick M. Feiker. The papers arrived at the Library in October, 1969.

Literary rights in the unpublished writings of Frederick Morris Feiker are retained by his heirs.


Boxes           Series

1‑23              SUBJECT FILES, 1910‑1952. 23 containers
Clippings, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, photographs, reports, statistics, articles, speeches, and copies of Factory magazine. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

24‑26            CORRESPONDENCE, 1915‑1955. 3 containers
Letters received and carbon copies of letters sent. Arranged chronologically within three subseries: general correspondence, congratulatory letters, and condolence letters.



Box      Contents

1          Academy of Management
            Advisory Committee on Statistics, 1924‑1925 (3 folders)
            American Association for Advancement of Science, 1941, 1945, 1954
            American Engineering Council, 1934‑1936
            American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1952
            American Institute of Consulting Engineers, 1952
            American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1952
            American Institute of Industrial Engineers
            American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
            American Society for Engineering Education
                     Committee on FOA Cooperation, 1952‑1955
                     Committee on International Relations, 1953
                     Correspondence, 1952‑1954
                     Printed Matter
            American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers, 1952
            American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1953‑1955
            American Society of Refrigerating Engineers, 1950

2          American Standards Association, 1944‑1947, 1953
            American Trade Association Executives
            Associated Business Papers, Inc. (2 folders)
            Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, 1932‑1934
            Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce – Circulars and Index
            Bureau of Personnel Administration Conferences, 1930-1931

3          Bureau of Personnel Administration Conferences, 1932
            Business and Professional Leaders Lists
            Census of Distribution
            Christmas List, 1930‑1932
            Clippings, 1921-1945 (20 folders)

4          Clippings, 1946-1955 and undated (8 folders)
            Coca Cola Training Film, 1932 (photos)
            Conservation of Manpower in War Industries, National Committee, 1943
            Consumers and Producers Foundation of America – Organizational Bulletins Outlining a
                     Plan to Reduce Sickness and Poverty, 1929 and undated
            Cooperative Promotional Activities of Various Industries, 1928
            Cotton Drawing and Roving, 1935
            Cotton Opening and Picking, 1933
            Council for International Progress in Management, 1953-1955
            Criticism of Department of Commerce, 1932-1933
            Davis Brothers Drug Company, 1932
            Department of Commerce Edition of the Washington Post, Dec 31, 1931
                     (moved to map cases, very poor shape)
            Department of Commerce Building, 1931‑1932
            Department of Commerce Manual of Instructions for Department's Foreign
                     Representatives, 1920
            Election of 1928 – Comic Book on Commerce Department, 1928 (Nine Months at
                     Hoover’s Elbow by Feiker – moved to map cases)
            Employee Orientation – Discussion Manual on Introducing the New Man for Use with the
                     Film “Off to the Right Start,” 1941
            Engineering Index, 1953‑1955

5          Engineers' Council for Professional Development, 1953
            Engineers' Joint Council, 1951‑1955
            Factory Magazine, 1910-Aug 1913 (7 folders)

6          Factory Magazine, Sep 1913-May 1915 (4 folders)
            Factory Magazine – Advertising
            Federated American Engineering Societies, 1920
            Feiker Family
                     Frederick Christian Feiker, 1930, 1943‑1946
                     Frederick Morris Feiker
                     George Campbell Feiker, 1936‑1941
            First Congregational Church, Mt. Vernon (NY), 1925‑1926, 1929
            Flow of Goods
            Food Industry Trade Publications
            Foremen and Supervisors

7          Future Commercial Development of Latin America, Cooperation of the US, 1941
            Hoover Administration
            Hoover's Nomination Acceptance Speech, 1932
            Housing Industry Revival, 1932
            How to Get More Production, 1941
            Industrial Publishing Course Units, 1921 (4 folders)
            Institute of Business Policy, 1933
            Institute of International Education, 1953
            Institute of Management Policy, 1940

8          Institute of Management Policy, 1940‑1941
            Institute of Traffic Engineers, 1952
            Interparliamentary Union, 1953
            International Cooperation Administration
            International Training Administration, 1945
            Inter‑University Contact (IUC)
                              Schairer, 1954
                              Zimmerman, 1951-1955 (2 folders)
                              Zimmerman – Automation Man for Europe, 1955
                              Zimmerman – Personnel for Wholesale Team, 1955
                     Aims and Purposes
                              Amsterdam, 1955
                              Birmingham – Pre Conference, 1953
                              Birmingham – Conference Program, 1953
                              Birmingham – Follow Up, 1953

9                            Brussels, 1952
                              Delft, 1952
                                       Conference Program
                                       Declaration of Delft
                                       Distribution of Feiker Speech
                                       Post Conference
                                       Pre Conference
                              Holland, 1951
                              Paris, 1955
                                       Speech by Feiker
                                       Speech by Folts on History of IUC
                                       Follow Up
                                       Organization and Program
                                       Printed Matter

10                 Constitution
                     Executive Committee Agenda, 1955
                     Membership, 1953
                     Memoranda and Reports
                     Projects and Surveys
                     MSA‑IUC‑ECA Traveling Teams, 1953
            Lectures and Course Materials
                     George Washington University, 1932, 1941, 1944, 1950, 1952 (5 folders)

12                 George Washington University, 1952
                     George Washington University – Unidentified
            Little Fortunes Incorporated
                     Correspondence and Memoranda
                     Editorial Policies Planning
                     Electrical World Plans and Policies
                     Hoover Interim, 1920‑1921
                     Suggestions, 1920‑1922 and undated

13        Management Education
                     Catalogs and Announcements
                     Conference, 1945
                     Reports and Speeches
            Marketing Radio Apparatus, 1924
            Mutual Security Agency
                     Contracts and Financial
                     Productivity Technical Assistance Division, 1953
            National Christmas Tree
            National Institute for Commercial and Trade Organization Executives, 1931
            National Inventors Council, 1952‑1955
            National Planning in Selected Countries, 1941

14        National Research Council
                     Building Research Advisory Board
                     Division of Anthropology and Psychology
                     Division of Engineering and Industrial Research
                     Fulbright Fellowship Screening Committee
                     National Science Foundation Fellowships
                     News Report and International Relations
                     Post‑Doctoral Fellowships
                     Press Releases
                     UK Specialists Team No. 18
                     National School for Commercial and Trade Organization Executives, 1928
            Netherlands Management Seminar, 1951
            Office of Production Management Bulletins, 1940‑1942
            Opportunities and Jobs in the Textile Industries
            Organization for European Economic Co‑Operation, 1954
            Organizations Interested in Management

15                 Personnel Techniques, 1941
            Post War Planning
            Principles of Scientific Blitzing – Edward Don, 1941
            Proposed Books – Hoover's: Philosophy
                     Industrial Advertising
                     Trade Associations
                     Trade Extension
                     Publishing Venture
            Research Institutes, 1952‑1953
            Research Publications of the Worchester Polytechnic Institute, 1937
            Seasonal Operation in the Construction Industries, 1924
            Second Industrial Survey of Baltimore 1939
            Society for Electrical Development
            Society for the Advancement of Management Roundtables, 1945

16        Speeches and Articles, 1916-1932 (16 folders)

17        Speeches and Articles, 1933-1953 and undated (14 folders)

18        Speech Notes
                     The Associated Business Papers
                     Business Press
                     Carnegie Tech Speech
                     Census of Distribution
                     Department of Commerce
                     Engineering, Engineering and Business
                     Herbert Hoover
                     Hotel Industry
                     Jobber: Place of the Jobber in Industry
                     Making of Industrial Opinion
                     Markets and Merchandising
                     Naval Stores
                     Society for Electrical Development
            Superpower System between Boston and Washington, 1921
            Textile Institutes, 1939, 1950‑1953
            Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1920-1932 (3 folders)

19        Taylor System of Scientific Management Report, 1917
            Textile Education
            Textile School Deans' Conference, 1952
            Thoughts on Management Course
            Training of Man for the Textile Industry, 1934
            Vertical Integration in the Textile Industries, 1938
            Wage Incentives
            What it Costs to Run a Bank, 1916

20        Printed Matter

21        Printed Matter


22        General Correspondence, 1915, 1920-1940 (19 folders)

23        General Correspondence, 1941-1955 and undated (11 folders)
            Congratulatory Correspondence, 1921, 1927, 1931 (6 folders)

24        Congratulatory Correspondence, 1934, 1939-1940 (includes 1940 accreditation of
                     Engineering School, 3 folders)
            Letters of Commendation, 1927-1930 (2 folders)
            Letters of Condolence, 1935


            Profession of Commerce in the Making. Annals of The American Academy, May 1922
            Cooperation of the Department of Commerce and Private Business in Simplifying
                     Standards of Manufacture. National Conference of Social Workers, 1928
            Portrait. Business Week, June 10, 1931
            A Basis for International Business Ethics. The Deltasig, Nov 1932
            Postwar Professional Opportunity. Archival Records, Feb 1944

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