Manuscript Collections - John S. Elliott Diaries

March 13, 2020

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5 linear feet, 3 linear inches (12 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


John Elliott was a foreign correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune from the 1920s through the onset of World War II.  Elliott was born in 1895, served in the Army cavalry during World War I, and was educated at Princeton and Columbia University’s school of journalism.  Stationed in Berlin in the early 1930’s, Elliott chronicled Hitler’s rise to power and subsequent persecution of German Jews.  Critical of the regime, Elliott was forced to leave Germany in 1935.  He carried on reporting from Paris until World War II when he rejoined the Army.  He worked as an editor of propaganda leaflets in the psychological warfare program.  After the war Elliott returned to West Germany and served in the Civil Administration Division.  He returned to the U.S. in the 1950’s and worked for the Agency for International Development until his retirement in 1967.  Elliott died of cardiopulmonary failure in 1992.


The John Elliott Diaries begin in the summer of 1919 and tell of Elliott’s preparation for study at Princeton. Other topics in the diaries include: Hitler’s rallies in Berlin, Nazi policies, the Agency for International Development, journalism, U.S. politics, and world affairs.  There are typescripts of the early diaries through 1949. The collection is arranged chronologically, original diaries followed by the typescripts.


1          Original Diaries, 1919-1933 (5 folders)

 2         Original Diaries, 1934-1947 (5 folders)

3          Original Diaries, 1948-1953 (3 folders)

4          Original Diaries, 1954-1958 (3 folders)

5          Original Diaries, 1960-1965 (3 folders)

6          Original Diaries, 1966-1971 (3 folders)

7          Original Diaries, 1972-1977 (3 folders)

8          Original Diaries, 1978-1983 (3 folders)

9          Original Diaries, 1984-1986 (2 folders)
            Typescript Diaries, 1919-1928 (10 folders)

10        Typescript Diaries, 1929-1934 (11 folders)

11        Typescript Diaries, 1935-1941 (12 folders)

12        Typescript Diaries, 1942-1949 (12 folders)