Manuscript Collections - Roy Tasco Davis Papers

March 13, 2020

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1 linear foot, 4 linear inches (3 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Roy Tasco Davis was born in Ewing, Missouri on June 24, 1889. He graduated from Brown University in 1910 and worked as business manager for Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. In 1921 he was appointed Envoy to Guatemala. From 1922 to 1929 Davis served as Envoy to Costa Rica. In 1930 Herbert Hoover appointed Davis Envoy to Panama. Davis served as Envoy to Haiti from 1953 until his retirement in 1957. Davis died on December 27, 1975.


The collection has two subdivisions Name and Subject Files and Newspaper Clippings. The subject files primarily contain routine correspondence: letters of congratulation, travel arrangements, and social invitations. They also include a diary describing his work in Costa Rica in 1922 and 1923 and a biography written by his son in 1978. These materials are arranged alphabetically. The Newspaper clippings are arranged chronologically and include translations and summaries of articles.


Box      Contents

1          Acosta, Juan, 1929 (President of Costa Rica)
            Bancroft, 1922
            Bennett, W. J., 1922
            Biggs, Arthur, 1911 (Missouri Bureau of Labor Statistics)
            Bliss, Robert Woods, 1921 (Assistant Secretary of State)
            Bush, John A., 1926
            Carr, Wilbur, 1933 (Acting Secretary of State)
            Christian, George, 1922 (Secretary to Warren Harding)
            Davis, Loyce E., 1922
            Davis, Roy Tasco
                        Costa Rica Diary, 1922-1923
                        Personal, 1922-1933
            Davis, Roy Tasco, Jr. – Biography of Roy Tasco Davis, 1978
            Drew, J. G., 1926
            Eisenhower, Dwight, 1957
            Fetcher, H., 1922 (Acting Secretary of State)
            Fishing Trip to Panama – Larry Richey, 1931
            Green, Philip, 1924 (Pan-American Student League)
            Guatemala-Honduras boundary controversy, 1928
            Haiti, 1953-1958
            Hoover, Herbert and Lou Henry, 1928
            Hughes, Charles, 1921-1923 (Secretary of State)
            Inter-American Schools Service, 1949-1953
            Jiminez, Ricardo, 1925-1927
            Jones, J. C., 1921 (University of Missouri)
            Kellogg, Frank, 1928 (Secretary of State)
            Lancroft, Theodore, 1921
            Lindbergh, Charles, 1927-1929
            McKenna, 1922
            Marquis, A. N., 1921
            Memorabilia, 1920-1933
            Meyer, Charles, 1970 (Assistant Secretary of State)
            Morgan, S. W., 1927
            Munro, Dana, 1921
            Olds, Robert, 1927 (Assistant Secretary of State)
            Panamanian Revolution, 1931
            Phillips, William, 1922-1923 (Undersecretary of State)
            Photographs, 1925-1929 (copies, originals in photo collection)
            Platt, John, 1926
            Pringle, W. E., 1911

2          Roach, Sid, 1922
            Rogers, Will, 1933
            Rogers, William, 1970 (Secretary of State)
            Rowe, L. S., 1931
            Schofield, Frank, 1932
            Sheedy, James, 1932
            Sotelo, Rogelio, 1925
            Soto, Bernando, 1929
            Spencer, Seldon, 1921-1922
            Stimson, Henry, 1931 (Secretary of State)
            Ulate, Otilio, 1927
            Viquez, Clito, 1929
            Wheeler, H. N., 1911
            White, Francis, 1932
            Newspaper Clippings, 1912-1930 (11 folders)

3          Newspaper Clippings, 1931-1958 and undated (13 folders)