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March 13, 2020

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5 linear feet, 8 linear inches (13 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


This collection was created for West Branch materials. The library received materials from other Cedar County communities and the collection was reorganized into the Cedar County Collection in 1997.


Box      Contents

1          Anderson Farm 100th Anniversary [compiled by Cora Pedersen], 1992
            Barewold, Ira, Brief History of Cedar County, 1970
            Berquist, Robert, Young Friends Cabin: Recalling its Past, Renewing its Future, 1999
            Brown, John. Material on John Brown and the local abolitionist movement (no acc)
            Bruns, Armin R.
                     Article – A. R. Bruns: King of the Soybeans,” 1974 (acc 289/1)
                     Film – This is Worth Remembering, 1954-1959 (acc 289/2)
                     Hoover Library Dedication – Newspaper articles, 1962 (acc 289)
            Buker, Aaron
                     Enlistment Papers and Bounty Land Application, 1834-1850 (acc 540)
                     Original Land Grant of Hoover Historic Site, 1952 (acc 73 and 539)
            Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Iowa Railroad, 1982 (acc 932)
            Byington, William and Helen. Cedar County Land Warrants, circa1850-1865 (5 folders,
                     (acc  901/1)

2          Carran, Mollie. Letter, 1931 (HH school teacher, acc 862)
            Cedar County Newsletter, Sep 13, 1852-Sep 17, 1853 (acc  802, Nelson Swank
                     owned the first printing press and published the first weekly newspaper in
                     Cedar County on Sep 13, 1852. After a year, Swank sold the press to
                     Charles Swetland who moved them to Tipton.  Photographed by Library
                     staff in July 1989 from originals in the memorabilia collection, 148 pages)
            Cedar County Sesquicentennial Commission Records, 1993-1997
                     Flag Project (2 folders)
                     Mission Statement
                     Newspaper clippings

3                   Photos
                     Quilt Square
                     Resource and Program Guide, 1994-1996
                     Sesquicentennial Times, 1993-1997
                     Award Plaques (2 items)
                     My Iowa (3 VHS tapes)

4                   Cedar County Flag
            Centennial of United Methodist Church, West Branch, Iowa, 1971
            Centerdale, Iowa (information from various sources)
            Chamness, Ida
                     Personal journal and memoir, ca. 1940
                     Appeal to the Iowa Yearly Meeting of Conservative Friends for correction of their
                              Unjust dealings against Ids R. Chammess, 1940
            Cox, Catherine B., Paper on Joel Bean, Quaker Minister, undated
            Crosbie, Archibald. Copy Book, 1881-1882 (acc 119)
            Erb, Carlisle. Centerdale, Iowa          
            Eves and Maxson General Store Account Book, 1914 (Springdale, acc 786)
            Fawcett, Floyd. Article regarding Quakers, 1935 (acc 368)
            Flickinger, V. W.
                     Articles and poems regarding Hoover visits to Iowa, 1948-1962 (acc 225/1)
                     Development Plans for Hoover Birthplace, 1948 (acc 225)
            Frana, Bruce. Johnson and Cedar Counties – Postcards, circa 1905-1915 (acc 902)

5          Friis, Paul. Danish Immigrants to West Branch, 2005 (3 folders)
            Garwood, John. Article re Hoover visit to West Branch, 1928 (acc 356)
            Heacock, James F. Genealogical materials on Local Quaker families and Quaker
                     History (acc 938)
            Hemingway, Doris (Mrs. Elmer).
                     West Branch School Catalog, 1882-1883
                     Hemingway Family history
                     Historical Sketch of Gower Township (acc280/1)
                     Clippings, 1891-1929 (acc 280/1)
            Hess, Frank T.
                     Autograph Book, 1881
                     West Branch High School. Commencement Program (acc 351)
                     West Branch Memorabilia and Photos, 1884-1928 (acc 351/2)

6          History of Rochester and vicinity [compiled by Merle Mather?], ca. 1987
            Hoover Birthplace and Park. Land Deeds (copies, no acc)
            Hoover Birthplace Clippings  
            Hoover, Eli. Land Deed, 1852 (acc 390)
            Hoover, Herbert
                     Articles on Herbert Hoover’s Cradle, 1930 (acc 410)
                     Authentic Privy for Herbert Hoover – Clippings, 1974 (acc 354)
                     School Attendance Record, 1882 (acc 868)
                     State Funeral
                              Burial – Clippings, 1964 (no acc)
                              US Army. After Action Report, 1964 (3 folders, acc 21)
                              US Army. Narrative Report, 1964 (acc 165)
                     Visits to Iowa. Newspapers, 1928, 1946, 1954 (no acc)

7          Hoover, Hulda M. Correspondence [photocopies], 1880-1883 (acc 460)
            Hoover, Jesse C.
                     Abstract of Property Title, 1851, 1963 (acc 470)
                     West Branch Bank Records, 1879-1880 (acc 867)
            Hoover, Jesse C. and Eli. Deed papers, 1852-1853, 1856-1857 (acc 527)
            Hoover, Jesse C. and Hulda.
                     Census Report, 1880 (no acc)
                     Marriage License, 1870 (acc 593)
            Hoover Library Building Specifications. Drawings, Sketches, Plans etc (acc 274)
            Ink, Dwight. Remarks upon presenting books to Allan Hoover, 1974 (acc 369)
            Jones, Mrs. Howard H. West Branch Children Learn of Hoover’s Death - Clipping, 1964
                     (acc 340)
            King, Elwood. West Branch and Herbert Hoover – Clippings, 1928 (acc 367)
            Lash, Gladys, Herbert Hoover: Why is he from West Branch?, 1928
            Leech, L. J., Ann Albin and Bernie Corbin, Memories of First Methodist Church, ca. 1965
            Mather, Hannah. Journal [typescript describing the journal], 1851
            Minthorn, Huldah Randall. Letters [bound volume of facsimiles], 1861-1865 (no acc)
            Miscellaneous Essays on West Branch History (no acc)
            Paxton, Darlene and Wendell. Genealogical Information on West Branch Families
                     (acc 895)
            Pettis, Marjorie C. Autograph Book, 1894-1902 (acc 388)

8          Quaker Biographies
                     Bean, Joel and Hannah Elliot
                     Crosbie, Archibald
            Quakers. The Discipline of the Society of Friends, 1864 (book, acc 889)
            Quakers in Early West Branch [Robert Berquist and Dwight Miller], 1999
            Randall, Flossa, Letters of Love in midst of War [World War I typescripts], 1918
            Reeder, Grant. Inauguration Account – The Man Who Held Hoover’s Hat, 1929
            Scarb(o)rough/Haworth Events Genealogical Newsletter, 1990-1996 (acc 912)
            Shue, Violet
                     Minthorn Family Genealogy Information, 1900, 1928, 1960, 1974
                              (2 folders, acc 361/1)
            Soldiers’ Monument of Cedar County Rededication, 2003
            Springdale. A visit to Springdale. Des Moines Daily News, 1886
            Springdale Friends Sunday School Records and volumes of Discipline, 1894-1917
                     (acc 679)
            Springdale records [needing fuller descriptions], 1878-1910 (6 folders)

9*         Springdale, 1882
            Springdale Consolidated School Pamphlet, 1886-1941
            Springdale Historical Information. West Branch Local Record “Holiday Edition,” 1882
                     (no acc)
            Springdale Monthly Meeting. General Register, 1854-1910 (acc 472)
            Springdale General Register Membership Book, 1856

10*       Springdale Members Preparative meeting, 1881
            Springdale members, 1923
            Births and Death, Springdale
            Marriage Record, Honey Grove, Red Cedar, Springdale, West Branch
            State Historical Society of Iowa
                     Record of Friends Sunday School on Hulda Hoover, 1883 (acc 314)
            Struble, Margueretette, M. West Branch History – Clippings, 1928-1987 (acc 804)
            Thomas, Edward L. Herbert Hoover, TV’s First Star - Clippings, 1971 (acc 240)
            Thomas, Mrs. Floyd.
                     Charles Leech Account Book (also on microfilm MF78-2476)
                     Thomas and Leech Families Genealogy, 1875-1879, 1927-1937 (acc 532/1)
            Tipton Advertiser [photocopy], 1876
            Tipton Conservative. Newspapers, 1898, 1940 (acc 903)

11        Wagner, William J. West Branch Hoover Homesite Fire Maps, 1872, 1895, 1927
                     (acc 65/2)
            Weather Observations. Record of Iowa City Observations, 1874 (acc 90/4)
            West Branch Community Schools: History and Alumni Record, 1965  
            West Branch Fire Department First Hundred Years, 1879-1979
            West Branch Funeral Records. Notebooks, 1902-1909 (acc 400)
            West Branch Heritage Foundation. Record Books, Minutes, etc., 1973-1988 (acc 904)
            West Branch Historic District. Downtown Rehabilitation Projects, 1986-1988 (acc 911)
            West Branch Local Record, 1882
            West Branch Old Commentary List of Burials, 1850-1878
            West Branch School. Pupil List, 1880 (no acc)
            West Branch Times. Historical Information (no acc)
            West Branch Times. Excerpts
                     See also: Scope and content notes following this finding aid.
                     1878 to 1892

12                 1892 to 1939
            Wilkinson, Elsie L. Hulda Minthorn’s “The School Journal of Springdale,” 1866. Ac. #174

13        Preservation Box
                     Negatives of Cedar County Newsletter
                     Negatives of Springdale Monthly Meeting General Registry   
                     Negatives of Charles Leech account book

MICROFILM materials related to Cedar County

Census of Cedar County, 1880, 1900 (MF79-2533 and 2534)
Census of Iowa – Hoover Family, 1900 (MF79-2531)
West Branch Friends Records Books (including Springdale, Red Cedar and Honey Grove
            Meetings), 1853-1962 (10 rolls, MF85-2676 thru 2685)