Manuscript Collections - Delph E. Carpenter Papers

March 13, 2020

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2 linear feet, 2 linear inches (5 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


1877               Born May 13. Son of Leroy S. and Martha Allen (Bennett)
                        Carpenter, near Greeley, Colorado.

1896               Student-literature department, Denver.

1897-99         Student law department, Denver.

1899               LLB, Denver.
1899-1908     General law practice.
1901               June 5, married Michaela Hogarty

1908-1951     Engaged in irrigation and interstate river law
1908-1912     Member Colorado Senate

1909-1911     Chairman, Commission Interstate Water Investigations

1910-1919     Counsel in original proceeding in case of Wyoming vs. Colorado,
                        involving appropriation of waters of the Laramie River.

1918               Special assistant attorney general of Colorado in charge interstate
                        water litigation.

1919-1925     Managing and director counsel for Colorado in South Platte
                        litigation between Nebraska and Colorado; special counsel for
                        Colorado in Republican River litigation between Nebraska and
                        Colorado; counsel for Colorado in interstate boundary, New Mexico
                        vs. Colorado.

                        Special envoy Governor of Colorado to Governor of New Mexico to
                        submit LaPlata River interstate water controversy to interstate
                        compact commission; originator program exercise treaty powers of
                        states in interstate  river controversies; drew legislation, 1920-21,
                        enacted by California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico Arizona
                        Utah and Wyoming, providing for formulation by interstate treaty
                        commission of compact between the seven states respecting the
                        future use and disposition of waters of the Colorado River and
                        tributaries, and prepared congressional legislation providing for a
                        national representative on same commission.

                        Appointed interstate compact commissioner for Colorado, to serve
                        on commissions respecting settlement of future use and disposition
                        of Colorado, LaPlata, Arkansas, South Platte and Laramie rivers.

                        Special counsel for Colorado for reargument Laramie River and
                        Republican River cases before U.S. Supreme Court.

1922               Concluded Colorado River compact, also LaPlata River compact
                        (Colorado and New Mexico)

1923               Appointed treaty commissioner Colorado, use and disposition
                        waters of Rio Grande, Arkansas, South Platte and North Platte

1923-1927     In charge of all interstate river controversies for Colorado

1925               Concluded compact between Colorado and Nebraska in waters
                        South Platte; reappointed, counsel for Colorado, Rio Grand
                        controversy with New Mexico, Texas and U. S.

1927               Aug. and Sept. Commissioner for Colorado at Conference of
                        governors and commissioners of Colorado River states at Denver.

                        Engaged in negotiations respecting North Platte and Colorado
                        rivers, and in miscellaneous interstate river work.

                        Included compact between Colorado, New Mexico and Texas,
                        respecting waters of the Rio Grand river.

                        Counsel for Colorado in suit of Arizona vs. California, et al, before
                        U.S. Supreme Court.

                        Commissioner for Colorado, North Platte River compact
                        negotiations (Colorado and Wyoming)

1927               LLD, University of Colorado.

1951               Died February 27; buried Linn Grove cemetery, Greeley,

Box     Contents

1          Colorado River Commission
                        Correspondence, 1922-1927 (14 folders)

2                      Correspondence, 1928-1933 (10 folders)
                        Arizona vs. California, et al., 1936
                        Clippings, 1922-1932
                        Denver Meeting, 1929
                        Gila Valley and Pilot Knob [protest against], 1936
                        Mexican Water Claims [statement of L. Ward Bannister], 1935
                        Power Permits and Licenses, 1927-1930

3                      Printed material
                                    Ernest Carman, ‘Sovereign rights in control of
                                                American waters’
                                    William Kelly, ‘A river is a treasure’ ABA Journal
                                    Wayne Williams, ‘Colorado river and the constitution’
                                                ABA Journal
                                    Colorado River Aqueduct, 1933
                                    Denver's Water Needs, 1929
                                    Price and Utilization of Colorado River Power, 1929
                                    Report of Colorado River Commission of Arizona, 1931-1932
                        San Juan River Compact, 1929-1930
                        Statements and Articles by Carpenter, 1926-1928 and undated
                        Taylor Bills (H.R. 200,201,202,203), 1930
                        Upper Colorado River Compact, 1929-1930
            Water Defense/Reclamation Bill, 1929-1932
            Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Deep Waterway Treaty, 1932
            La Plata Rives, 1923-1933
            Missouri River Bills, 1944-1945 (2 folders)

4          North Platte River Compact
                        Correspondence, 1924-1939 (11 folders)
                        Casper-Alcova Reclamation Project, 1926 and undated
                        Compact Drafts and Suggestions
                        North Platte River Commission Hearings, July 1924

5                      North Platte River Commission Hearings, July 1924 (2 folders)
                        Report – North Platte Cooperative Investigations, 1921
                        Wyoming vs. Colorado, 1930-1935 (2 folders)
            Rio Grande Compact and Treaty
                        Correspondence, 1929-1944 and undated
                        Analysis of Report of Committee of Engineers, 1938
                        Regional Planning Report of National Resources Committee 1937
                        Treaty with Mexico, 1944
            South Platte River Compact; 1923, 1931