Manuscript Collections - Philippi Harding Butler Papers

March 13, 2020

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3 linear feet, 4 linear inches (7 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Philippi Harding Butler's first contact with the Hoover family came in 1918 when she was a senior at Stanford University and did office work for Lou Henry Hoover’s secretary Dare Stark McMullin. When Philippi completed her graduate work at Stanford in 1920, Lou asked her to stay on as a secretary. Philippi lived with the Hoover’s in their house at 2300 S St. in Washington, D.C. She resigned in 1924 to marry army lieutenant, Frederic Butler, and moved to China. Returning to California in 1926, she continued to assist Lou whenever needed.

Philippi became Lou’s White House secretary in 1931. She was in charge of responding to the pleas for assistance received during the depression. Philippi supervised the transfer of the Hoovers' possessions from the White House to their Washington, D.C. and California homes. After Lou’s death in 1944 Philippi was in charge of organizing her papers, working on them at the Hoover Institution in Stanford University until they were shipped to West Branch in 1969. Philippi Butler died in 1984.


The papers contain: correspondence, interviews, inventories, catalogs, form letters, speeches, articles, clippings, Christmas cards and artifacts. Subjects include: the Hoover household, the White House, the Hoover Presidential Library and Library Association, and the Hoover oral history program. The papers are arranged alphabetically by name and subject.


Box      Contents

1          American Relief Administration, 1923, 1957
            Automobiles, 1942
            Bachrach Photography Studio, 1929, 1969
            Becker's Leather Goods, 1931‑1932
            Bekins Van and Storage Company, 1961‑1962
            Beyer, Barnet J., 1931
            Book Lists, 1933, 1962, 1966
            Boone, Joel T., 1963‑1969
            Bowman, Gertrude, 1961
            Boxer Rebellion – Bibliography
            Boys' Clubs of America, 1961
            Bradley, Hugh W., 1946, 1958
?          Butler, Billy, circa 1934
            Butler, Philippi – Obituary, 1984
            Campbell, Mildred Hall, 1933‑1974
            Carson, Marcile L., 1962
            Chamberlain, John, 1959
            Clark, Birge and Melissa, 1969‑1973
            Commission on Relief to Belgium, undated
            Converse, Maude, 1929
            Dempsey, Elizabeth, 1961‑1964
            Dwyer, Sue, 1959
            Embassy Jewelers, 1958
            Everest, Folsom, 1974
            Fan Guild of Boston, 1960
            Fitzgerald, B. "Skinnay", 1974
            Fletcher, Gertrude, undated
            Forty‑two Years in the White House by Ike Hoover
            George A. Simonds and Company, 1931
            Grandi, Dino – Visit, 1931
            Green, Helen, 1936
            Hackett, C. Nelson, 1920, 1976
            Harding, Philippi H. – Personal File, undated
            Henle, Ray, 1966‑1970 (oral history program)
            Henriques, Aleda, 1933
            Henry Croft, undated
            Herbert Hoover
                     Birthplace Foundation, 1962, 1971, undated
                     Foundation, Newberg, Oregon, 1955
                     Junior High School, San Francisco, Calif., 1956
                     Oral History Program
                              Butler, Fred B.
                              Butler, Philippi H.
                     Presidential Library
                              L'Allier, Roland, 1962
                              Langone, William, 1959‑1963
                              Lassner, Franz, 1965‑1966
                              Miller, Dwight, 1966‑1973
                              Thalken, Thomas T., 1962, 1969‑1976
                              Wood, Robert, 1971‑1974

2                   Printed Material, 1962‑1974
            Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association
                     Correspondence, 1971‑1976
                     News, 1972‑1974
                     Printed Material, 1971‑1974
            Hereford, Rockwell, 1970‑1973
            Holland‑Amerika Line, undated
            Hoover, Allan, 1924‑1974
            Hoover, Andrew, 1962
            Hoover Genealogy, undated
            Hoover, Herbert
                     Archives, 1924 and undated
                     Articles and Speeches, 1919‑1964
                     Calling Cards and Wax Seals, undated
                     Christmas Cards, 1913‑1964

3                   Correspondence, 1918‑1964
                     Diplomas and Honorary Degrees, 1924
                     Gifts, 1959
                     Latin America Trip, 1928‑1929
                     Photos and Portraits, 1928
            Hoover, Herbert, Jr., 1933‑1969
            Hoover Household
                     Possessions, 1920‑1943
                     Secretaries, Attaches and Aides, 1959
                     Shipments, 1920‑1933
            Hoover Institution
                     Correspondence, 1945‑77
                     Lou Henry Hoover Room Inventories, 1942-1949, 1956-1968, and undated
                              (4 folders)
                     Printed Material, 1941‑1969 and undated
            Hoover, Lou Henry
                     Correspondence, 1898-1944 and undated (2 folders)
                              Card Catalogues
                              Cross References

4                            File Charts, undated
                              Inventories, 1924, 1944, 1958-1966, and undated (9 folders)
                              Prints, undated
                              Processing Procedures and Notes, 1924‑1967, undated
                     Biographical Outline, 1898‑1941
                     Cash Accounting, 1932‑1933
                     Clubs and Organizations
                              Correspondence, 1921‑1925
                              Cross References
                              List, 1920‑1944
                     Diplomas and Honorary Degrees, 1923‑1933
                     Form Letters
                              Notes by Lou Henry Hoover, 1931‑1932
                              Sample Copies
                              Secretary's File, 1931‑1932
                     Invitations Declined, 1925‑1929
                     John Milne, Seismologist article, 1912
                     People Entertained at Stanford University, 1942
                     Photographs and Portraits
                     Property Stored in Registrar's Safe, Stanford University, 1919
                     Requests for Assistance, 1921‑1931
                     Secretary's Instructions, 1925
                     Speeches, 1913‑1932
                     Wooster, Ohio, ca. 1931
            Hotel Gotham, 1917
            Huneke, Lydia Murray, 1974

5          Ingle‑Nook Studios, 1929‑1931
            Julius Garfinckel & Co., 1931‑1932
            Large, Jean Henry (Mrs. Guthrie), 1941‑1971
            Lipman, Ruth Fesler, 1961‑1974
            London County Westminster Bank, undated
            McGuire, Mary M., undated
            McLean, Hulda Hoover, 1965‑1974
            McMullin, Dare Stark, 1925‑1934
            MacNeil, Neil, 1957
            Magee, Ralph W., 1933
            Mann, Russell and Barbie, 1974
            Mason, Frank, 1970
            Miller, Bernice "Bunny," 1953-1972 (2 folders)
?          Missal Disposition, 1956‑1957
Mitchell, Ruth Comfort, 1928
            Monihan, William J., 1965
            Monterey County (California) Recorder, 1966
?          Mullendore, W., 196
            Murdock, Kenneth, 1965
            National Savings and Trust Co., 1924‑1926
            Pan American Airways System American Clipper, 1931
            Peninsula Living, 1963
            Prints, Portraits, Photos and Etchings
                     Correspondence and Receipts
                              A – D, 1929‑1933 (2 folders)
                              Claghorn, J. C., 1931‑1934
                              Crandall, Berton, 1929
                              H – O, 1929-1933 (3 folders)
                              Public Buildings and Parks of the National Capitol, 1931
                              R, V-W, 1929‑1933 (3 folders)
                              Young, J. W., 1932
                     Hoover Collection – Card Catalog

6                   Lists
                              Etchings Collection
                              Prints Collection
                                       White House
                              Portraits and Photographs Collection
                                       Hoover, Lou Henry
            Prindle, Mrs. Kirk H., 1974
            Pryor, Helen B., 1961‑1969
            Rapidan Camp, ca. 1930‑1965
            Republican National Convention, 1956
            Richey, Larry, 1933
            Rickard, Edgar, 1933‑1934
            Robinson, Henry M., 1933
            Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1933
            San Francisco Foundation, undated
            Saturday Evening Post, 1959
            Security Storage Company, 1933
            Shenandoah Natural History Association, 1969‑1976
            Smaus, Jewel, 1960‑1967
            Smith, H. Alexander, 1949
            Spargo, John, 1936
            Sport is Unfair to Women – Article and Comments, 1973
            S.S. President Hoover, 1930‑1957
            Stanford University, 1928‑1964 and undated
            Stimson, Henry L., 1931
            Taft, William Howard, undated
            U.S. Army Reserve, 1974
            U.S. Government Printing Office, 1932
            West Branch Heritage Foundation, 1965
            White, Helen, 1959‑1973
            White House
                     Bookplates, Cards and Programs, 1930‑1933
                     Calling Cards, Lists, 1929‑1930
                     Etchings and Lithographs, undated
                     File Numbers, 1930
                     Guest Lists
                              Dinners, 1929‑1933
                              Diplomatic Teas, 1929, 1931 (2 folders)
                              Luncheons, 1929‑1932
                              Parties, 1931 and undated

7                            Receptions, 1930‑1932 and undated
                              People Entertained, 1929‑1933
                                       Chamber of Commerce, 1926‑1930
                                       Education, 1929‑1930 and undated
                                       Government, 1929‑1931 and undated
                                       Newspapers, 1929‑1932
                                       Religious Organizations
                                       Republicans, 1924‑1932 and undated
                                       Other, 1929‑1931 and undated
            White, W. L., 1960
            Who's Who and Why In The White House by Irwin H. (Ike) Hoover, 1934
            The World's Work, April 1922
            YWCA, Lou Henry Hoover Memorial, 1961‑1962
            Clippings, 1923-1931, 1940-1964 and undated (3 folders)

8 (Oversize)
            Photographs of Hoover, Lou, dogs, family, and friends
            Birthday poem written by Russel V. Lee
            Family Tree
            Metal Plaque from Stanford University engraved with Mrs. Herbert Hoover
            Cards with sayings in English and French
            Round metal dedicated to Hoover.
            Coin with Hoover’s face
            Small plaque with Mrs. Herbert Hoover
            Large coin with Hoover, metal with a cathedral on it, metal to Lou Henry Hoover from
                     Native Daughters of the Golden West (boxed)
            Poster titled The Last Mile – Possible authors rendition of Bohemian Groove