Manuscript Collections - Margaret Hoover Brigham Papers

March 13, 2020

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1 linear foot, 9 linear inches (2 manuscript boxes, 1 small manuscript box,
1 oversize box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Margaret Hoover Brigham was a granddaughter of Herbert Hoover. Gertrude Bowman was an unofficial secretary of Lou Henry Hoover and co-executor of Lou’s property at 2300 S Street in Washington D.C.


The collection contains correspondence, reminiscences, photographs, birthday cards, press statements, articles, ephemera, a speech, and a scrapbook. The main topic of the papers is the Hoover family, especially the grandchildren. There is also information on the 2300 S Street home and schools named after Herbert Hoover. Folders are arranged alphabetically by creator, there under alphabetically by name or subject.


Box      Contents

1          Bowman, Gertrude
                     Biographical Clipping, undated
                     Camp Rapidan, 1949
                     Correspondence, 1940-1945, 1949, 1955 and undated
                     Girl Scouts, 1937-1939, 1944, 1955
                     Hoover, Allan – Correspondence, 1941-1942, 1951
                     Hoover, Allan, Jr. – Granddaddy, 1951 (reminiscences on HH)
                     Hoover, Lou Henry – Correspondence, 1925, 1933, 1936-1944
                     Hoover, Lou Henry – Estate 2300 S Street, 1938-1945 (2 folders)
                     Hoover, Lou Henry – Estate Inventories, 1941, 1945
                     MacNeil, Neil – Herbert Hoover anecdotes, 1957
            Brigham, Margaret Ann Hoover
                     American Relief Administration Photographs, 1968 and undated (photocopies)
                     Birthday Cards, 1929-1931 (3 folders)

2                   Birthdays, 1928-1931
                     Goodwin, Adeline – Scrapbook, 1929-1933
                     Goodwin, Adeline – Scrapbook letters, 1934
                     Herbert Hoover Birthplace Rededication Speech, 1992
                     Herbert Hoover Schools – Elementary School Dedication – Bucks County, Pennsylvannia, 1962
                     Herbert Hoover Schools – Junior High School Dedication – Rockville, Maryland, 1966
                     Herbert Hoover Schools – Middle School Anniversary Clipping, 1992
                     Herbert Hoover Postage Stamps, 1965
                     Hoover Family Correspondence, 1930-1933, 1937, 1941, 1948-1962
                              and undated
                     Hoover Family Photographs, 1928, 1940, 1963 and undated
                              (HH, grandchildren, LHH)
                     Hoover Grandchildren Clippings, 1931 and undated
                     Hoover, Herbert – Correspondence, 1925, 1941-1963
                     Hoover, Herbert Death – Telegram from Porter, US Army, 1964
                     Hoover, Herbert, Jr. – Correspondence, 1954-1966
                     Hoover, Herbert, Jr. – Family Ephemera, 1931-1933, 1957
                              (White House invitations, tickets, passes, DDE inauguration)
                     Hoover, Herbert, Jr. – Home, 1994-1995 and undated
                     Hoover, Herbert, Jr. – Obituaries, 1969
                     Letter to Boris Thank You for Christmas Card, circa 1931
                     Mount Vernon Ladies Association Speech, 1992
3                   Report Card, 1938 (7th grade) 
                     Shore, Kitty – Letter with clippings on the Hoover Grandchildren,
                              May 28, 1992
                     Wedding Announcement, June 30, 1949
                     Wethern, Bob – Letters Regarding Fishing, Aug 1997
            Brigham, Richard – Exploring Hoover’s China: A Sketchbook by William J.
                     Wagner, 1987 (HHPLA)
            Hoover, Lou Henry – No Words Strong Enough, Two Letters by Lou Hoover,
                     1932 (1970 reprint, 4 copies)
            Mabie, Janet
                     Lunch at 1:15 with Mr. and Mrs. Hoover, Feb 1932? (partial article)
                     Most Bears Say, ‘Woof, Woof,” But Not These Hoover Bears, Mar 11, 1931
                              (Christian Science Monitor article on the Hoover grandchildren)
                     Waiting for Grandfather, 1931 (Pictorial Review article)
            Sullivan, Mark – Press Statement on the Farm Bill, May 18, 1939
            Sullivan, Mark – Press Statement on the New Deal, May 25, 1939

4          Oversize Material
                     Herbert Hoover Photographs, 1920s-1940s
                     Herbert Hoover, Jr.
                              Department of State Cornerstone Laying [Program], 1957
                              Pacific Union Club Dinner [Photograph], 1956
                              Photographs, 1950s [4 items]
                              Scrapbook of Far East Trip, 1956