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March 13, 2020

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18 linear feet, 5 linear inches (42 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library



Box      Contents

1          American Heart Association, 1958-1961
            American Medical Association
                     Commendations and Awards
                     General, 1958-1959
                     Organized Medicine, 1958
                     A Book on Medical Care – Book Review, 1958
            Commonwealth Club
                     California Social Welfare, 1953-1978
                     Correspondence, 1953-1958
                     List of Speakers, 1944-1975
                     Notices – Reviews on California Social Welfare, 1956 (in Oversize box)
                     Oral History Can Be Worthwhile, 1954
            Encyclopedia Britannica (Bornet editor)
                     General Files
                              1956-1958 (3 folders)
                     Rationing in the United States, 1958
            United States Commission of Civil Rights, Oregon Advisory Committee, 1987-1996
            United States Navy, Attitude Survey, 1959


2          Ad Campaign, Quotations of Great People in History, 1957-1962 (2 folders)
            Archives and Procedures, 1969-1970
            Articles, 1959-1961
            Articles by Bornet
                     The Art of Writing, 1959
                     Academic Curriculum for Air Force Intelligence Officers, 1961
                     Building Up the Rand Corporation Endowment Fund, 1959
                     Interdisciplinary Research at the Rand Corporation, 1948-1988
                     List of Bornet’s Publications, 1969
                     The Manuscripts of Social Welfare, 1960
                     Organizing Science for National Security, 1940-1948, 1960
                     The Rand Corporation and American Health, 1959
                     Research in the Economics and Sociology of Medical Care, 1961    
                     Statement by Bornet, 1996
                     Will We Deserve Our Inheritance?, 1959
                     The United States in 1960, 1960
            Briefings, 1962
            Comments on Articles, 1959-1962
            Correspondence, 1959-1994 (2 folders)

3          Disarmament, 1959-1960
            Duties and Activities, 1948-1961
            Editing Instructions, undated
            Gray, Colin S. What Rand Hath Wrought, undated
            Gruenberger, F.J. The History of the Johnniac, 1968
            Helmer, Olaf and Nicholas Rucher, On the Epistemology of the Inexact Sciences, 1960
                     General Papers, 1960-1973
                     Bornet, Vaughn Davis
                              Rand: A Legal Person, 1962
                              Rand’s First Home, 1961 
                              The Rand Archives, 1969
                              Rand Brainpower in the National Interest 1946-1986
                              The Rand Image in Liberal Arts Circles, 1961
                              Rand, the First Fifteen Years, 1961
                                       John Adams, 1962
                                       John Carne, 1962 (research)
                                       Joe Kershaw, 1962 (economics)

4                                     L. R. ‘Dick’ Mockbee, 1962
                                       Gene Root, 1967
                                       Francis R. Shanley, 1961
                                       Pat Sullivan, 1962
                                       Sevy Van Sohn, 1962
                                       John Williams, 1969
                                       Williams, J. D. An Overview of Rand, 1962
                                       Reaction to the Interview of John Williams, 1970  
            Hoffding, Olag, Bombing North Vietnam: An Appraisal of Economic and Political Effects, 1966

            Information about Rand, 1961-1986
            Kahn, Herman
                     Correspondence, 1959-1962 (2 folders)
                              The Nature and Feasibility of War and Deterrence, 1959
                              The Nature and Feasibility of Thermonuclear War, 1960
                     On Thermonuclear War, 1960 (3 folders)

5                   On Thermonuclear War, 1960 (8 folders)
                     On Thermonuclear War – Notes of Book, 1962
                     On Thermonuclear War – Reaction, 1960
                     On Thermonuclear War – Reviews, 1960-1961
            Lowe, Edward T. – Profile, 1963
            Memoranda, 1959-1969, 1990 (2 folders)
            Merrill Center for Economics, 1961

6          National Security Seminar, 1960-1961 (2 folders)
            Newspaper Clippings, 1961-1987
            Organizing Science for National Security, 1940-48, undated
            Pamphlets about Rand, 1951-1965
            Photographs, undated
            Proceedings of Anniversary Session of Board of Trustees, 1958                
            Publications, 1962-1985
            The Random News, 1968
            Report on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace, 1967
            Rescher, Nicholas. Value Considerations in Public Policy Issues, 1967
            Research Memoranda on United States Air Force, 1948-1958

7          Sallagar, F. M. The Road to Total War: Escalation in World War II
            Statistics 1954, undated
            Stewart, Dorothy G.
                      A Guide to the Preparation of Rand Memoranda, 1962
                     Guide to the Preparation of Rand Research Memos, 1955
            Style in Editing, 1959
            System Development Division, 1956-1960
            Williams, J. D. Adventures of the Mind, 1960

8          Anniversary Volumes
                     The First Fifteen Years, 1963
                     25th, 1973
                     35th, 1982-1983
                     49th, 1987-1988
            Annual Reports, 1966-1969 (4 folders)
            General Information about Rand
            A Guide for the Preparation of Papers Published by RAND, 1960
            International Implications of Activities in Outer Space, 1959
            National Security Seminar, 1960-61 (2 folders)
            Report on a Study of Non-Military Defense, 1958
            Roster, 1963
            Selected Abstracts, 1963-72
            Selected Clippings, 1983-1984 (2 folders)
            Selected Publications (Index to), 1946-62
            Twentieth Year Conferences, 1969


9          Conference on the Quest for Security, 1981
            Correspondence at Southern Oregon College, 1963-1978
            English History, undated
            History 201 American History, 1947
            History 178 United States in the 20th Century, undated
            Elderhostel Program on Lyndon B. Johnson, 1985
            Environment, Social Studies Course, Southern Oregon College, 1960’s (2 folders)
            Foundation for Economic Education, 1970-1971
            Independent Scholarship Project, 1984
            Lecture Notes
                     American Democracy, 1950-1951
                     American Historiography in the 1950’s, 1957

10                 American History Survey, 1946-1948 (6 folders)
                     The American System, 1979
                     A Biology Course, 1969
                     Communist China in the World Order, 1966
                     England to 1760, undated
                     History and the American Character in the 1980’s
                     History of Russia to 1906, 1948-1949
                     History of Russia 1801-1861, 1949-1950

11                 History – Miscellaneous Notes, 1939-1979 and undated (3 folders)
                     Western Civilization, 1946-1948 (3 folders)
            Listening to Shortwave as a Key to the World, 1979
            Note Taking, Term Paper Hints, 1969
            Political Science Courses at Miami University, 1948
            Racism, 1953-1954
            Social History Courses, 1969-1979
            Social Science, the International Scene, 1977
            Southern Oregon College, 1974
            Tips for a Successful Lecture, undated
            Town/Gown Lecture Series, undated
            United States Naval Air Station Los Alamitos, 1958-1960

12        Vietnam, 1965   
            World Campus afloat Courses
                     American Foreign Policy, 1968
                     General Business Papers, 1968-1975
                     Historical Issues of the 20th Century, undated
                     Reading List For United States in the 20th Century, 1969
                     Trends in the United States and the World, 1971
                     The United States in the 20th Century, 1972
                     World Problems, 1968-1969 (2 folders)


13        Herbert Hoover, President of the United States, 1975
            Accomplishments of Departments, 1922-1933
            Articles about Herbert Hoover, 1969-1983 (2 folders)
            Bibliography of Books about Herbert Hoover, 1934
            British Experience with Unemployment Insurance, 1932
             Centennial – Newspaper Clippings, 1972-1974 (2 folders)
            Correspondence, 1960-1976
            Crowther, Samuel. The Way to Wealth, 1930
            Fiftieth Anniversary of Inauguration, 1979-1980
            Health Care, 1935
            The Hoover Institution – Correspondence, 1973-1975
            Life Insurance, 1921-1922
            Material for Chapter on the Bonus March, 1932
            Metropolitan Life Insurance, 1923, 1935, 1981 (social insurance)
            Meyer, Eugene – Speech, 1954
            Miscellaneous, 1932-1936
            Myers, William S. The True Republican Record, 1939
            National Association of Life Underwriters, 1929
            National Conference on Banking and Industrial Committees, 1932
            Notes, undated
            Oral Histories, 1969-1971
            Pages Deleted, 1955

14        Pensions, 1921-1945 (2 folders)
            Permission to Quote, 1961-63
            Plan for a book, President Hoover’s America, 1975
            Photographs, 1928-1933 and undated
            Presidential Campaign, 1928                         
            Presidential Library, West Branch, Iowa, Correspondence, 1972-1988
            Publication Business, 1873-1976
            Red Cross, 1939
            Reference Items, 1963
            Research about Photographs, 1973-1974
            Research Questions, 1973
            Reviews of Finished Book, 1976

15        Robinson, Edgar E. Article for Encyclopedia Britannica, Drafts, 1957-1961
            Social Security, 1933-1943
            Social Work, Hoover Speech, 1935
            Speeches by Herbert Hoover, 1919-1947
            Stimson, Henry L., 1933
            Stock Market Concerns, 1925
            Unemployment and Insurance, 1920-1932
            White House Calendar, 1929-1932
            The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1983
                     First Final Draft, undated (5 folders)

16                 First Final Draft, undated (2 folders)
                     Notes and Bibliography Essay, Undated
                     Articles about Lyndon Johnson, 1964-1982
                     Assault on USS Liberty, June, 1967
                     Before LBJ was President, Microfilm, undated
                     Bibliography, 1979
                     Bishop, James. A Day in the Life of President Johnson, undated

17                 Books about Lyndon Johnson, undated
                     Bornet, Vaughn D., Business Correspondence, 1976-1993
                     Civil Rights, 1964-1972
                     Clifford, Clark. American Relations with the Soviet Union, 1946
                     Congress and the White House Information, 1968-1969
                     Correspondence of Lyndon Johnson, 1968-1969, 1976-1984 (2 folders)
                     Dominican Republic, 1965
                     Drafts, undated
                     Editing, 1966
                     Eisenhower, 1956-79
                     Eisenhower Correspondence with Johnson, 1963-1968 (2 folders)
                     Eisenhower Presidential Library, 1955-1962

18                 Election, 1968
                     Foreign Affairs Notes, undated
                     Foreign Policy Brochures, 1949, 1961-1964
                     Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, 1975
                     Health of Presidents, 1977
                     John F. Kennedy Library, 1975
                     Kennedy, John F., 1963-1966
                     Kennedy, Robert F., 1983
                     Lyndon, the Play – Clippings, 1984
                     LBJ Library
                              Bibliography of Holdings
                              Brochures, 1975
                              Cater, Douglas Files
                              Correspondence, 1963-1989 (2 folders)
                     Medal of Freedom, 1969
                     Memoirs – Reviews, 1970-1971
                     Miscellaneous, 1964-1968
                     New York Times Index, 1960-1971

19                 Nixon, Richard, Addresses to Nation, 1969-1971
                     Notes, 1984 and undated
                     Notes and Pages Not Used, 1963-1968
                     Permission to Quote, 1974-1983
                     Post-Presidential Correspondence: Johnson-Nixon, 1969-1973
                     Presidential Meetings with Heads of State, 1963-1968
                     Publication and Publicity, 1982-1984
                     Readers Guide to Periodical Literature, 1955-1971

20                 Reviews of Books Written About Lyndon Johnson (3 folders)
                     Senate Campaign File, 1948
                     Social Welfare Program, 1966 and undated
                     Staff, 1964-1969
                     Truman Correspondence with Johnson, 1955-1972
                     Truman Library, 1976   
                     Truman and Nixon – Miscellaneous, 1951-1971
                     Truman and Clifford Papers – Fall of China, 1945-1949

21                 Vietnam, 1954-1982 (8 folders)
                     Writings and Speeches of President Johnson, 1953-1968
            Articles by Bornet
                     All Aboard For Civil War History!, undated
                     The American Character and the Constitution, 1987
                     An Oral History Project for the Harry S. Truman Library, 1960
                     Arms Control Theory Outline, 1960
                     Articles for Newspapers, 1965-1992
                     Book Reviews, 1953-1986
                     Candidates Who Ignore Their Political History, 1988
                     China and the USSR, 1960-1969
                     The Civilians of Georgia in the Face of Sherman’s Total War, 1941
                     Columns for the Macon Telegraph, 1946

22                 The Communist Party in the Presidential Election of 1928, 1958
                     The Communist Party of the USA, 1923-1953
                     A Connecticut Yankee Fights at Olustec, undated
                     Contemplating the Future, undated
                     Correspondence about California Social Welfare, 1956-57, 1954-2001
                     Doctoral Dissertations, 1952-1953
                     A Doctor’s Case: A Study in Ethics, 1961
                     Elements in the Failure to Create a New Political Party in 1924, 1948
                     Essays on Politics and Political Parties, 1950
                     Editing of Oregon 2000 Report, 1980
                     The Elections of 1964 and 1968, undated
                     The Elementary School Teacher and the Social Sciences, undated
                     The Fight for American History, 1956
                     Fortis, Abe. Notes for an Unwritten Article, 1964
                     Going to War for Causes, 1998
                     Grant Request, 1956
                     Hate Crimes Essay, 1996
                     Healthy Aging, undated
                     Historical Scholarship, Communism, and the Negro, 1951
                     Hosting Visitors Overseas in Rotary Exchanges, 1995
                     Idea File, 1959
                     An Introductory Essay on Civil War Literature, 1941
                     An Introduction to Medical Care, undated
                     It’s A Dog’s Life, 1991
                     Labor Politics in a Democratic Republic (cartoons)

23                 Labor Politics in a Democratic Republic – Reviews
                     Letters to Editors, 1950-1990 (2 folders)
                     Living a Life under the Constitution, 1987
                     Joseph McCarthy, 1954
                     Medical Care for the Aging, 1958, 1982
                     Miscellaneous about History, 1955 and undated
                     My Life in the 1920’s, 1978
                     Naval Reserves Study – National Power, 1956
                     The New Labor History: A Challenge for American Historians, 1955
                     Newspaper Clippings, 1966-1982
                     The Non-Profit Corporation: Indigenous in American History, 1965
                     Notes on Historical Assessment of the Johnson Presidency, undated
                     Notices and Reviews of “It’s A Dog’s Life” and “Autobiography,” 1995
                     An Oral History Project for the Harry S. Truman Library, 1960
                     Outline of a Book on Labor Politics, 1920-32, undated
                     Outline for a Book on Vietnam, 1971
                     Planning for Unemployment, Veterans, and Old Age Insurance Coverage, 1921-1933 and undated
                     A Pleasant Destination: Turkey, 1993
                     Presidential Politics in Lassen County, 1864-1952, undated
                     Project Medic, undated
                     Publishing a Simple Dog Book, undated

24                 Race, Color, and Asia, 1951
                     Reappraising the Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1990
                     Reviews of V. D. Bornet Books, 1957-1960
                     Franklin Roosevelt Bibliography and Essay, undated
                     The Roosevelt Leadership, 1933-45 – Reviews
                     Service Clubs and American Society, 1956
                     Social Welfare, 1954-1960
                     Social Welfare in the 20th Century, 1959
                     Some Aspects of American Trotskyism, 1949
                     Some thoughts about Rotary Exchanges, 1995
                     Speaking Up For America, 1975
                     A Study of Franklin Roosevelt, 1952
                     Thinking About Peace – Outline, 1989
                     Thinking About the Iraq Situation, 2003
                     Those Robber Barons, 1953
                     Thoughts after Two Score and Ten, 1991
                     Uncertainties When Evaluating the Reagan Presidency, undated
                     The United States in 1960, 1960
                     Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, 1985 (two articles)
                     Welfare in America, 1960-1963
                     Why Did the Socialist Party Fail?, 1980
                     William E. Dodd, Historian, 1949
                     William Gerard De Brahm, 1941

25        Books by Bornet
                     An Independent Scholar In Twentieth Century America, 1995
                     It’s A Dogs Life and I Like It, 1991
                     Labor Politics in a Democratic Republic, 1964 (3 Copies)
                     The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1983
                     Welfare in America, 1960

26        Speeches
                     America: The Land of the Dedicated, 1970
                     America: Yesterday and Tomorrow, 1965
                     Assessing the Johnson Presidency, 1994
                     The Constitution and the American Spirit, 1976
                     The Desecration of the American Flag, 1990
                     Future Role of the Heart Association as a Voluntary Health Agency, 1982
                     Getting Something Out of College, 1970
                     Hoover and Johnson, 1976
                     In Appreciation of the American Military, undated
                     Japanese Exchange Students, 1986
                     A Life of Usefulness with or Without Preparation, 1960
                     Memorial Day, 1990
                     Memoirs, undated
                     Miscellaneous Speeches in the 1960-1997
                     My Kingdom for the Keys, 1963
                     Oregon Heart Association, 1965
                     President Johnson Still Speaks to the Present, 1984
                     Retirement, 1980
                     The Road the U.S. took to Vietnam, undated
                     Social Welfare, 1960
                     The Veteran and the Constitution, 1988
                     Veterans’ Day, 1966
                     When Our Cause It Is Just, 1973

27        Subject Research Files
                     Anti-Communist Materials, 1953-1954
                     Civil War
                              Correspondence, 1947-1949
                              Diary of Milton M. Woodford, 1861-1965 (2 copies)
                              Letters to Wife from M. M.  Woodford, 1864-1965
                              Letters Written by Parents of M. M. Woodford
                              Letters to S. G. Thompson from M. M. Woodford, 1861-1964
                              Recollections of Reverand Lyman S. Johnson, circa 1926
                     Notes on Daniel J. Tobin, undated
                     Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship,
                              Douglas Aircraft Company, 1946 (3 folders)
                     President Eisenhower, 1953-1954
                     Presidential Library Project (Not Completed), 1976
                     Proposal on Voluntary Welfare, 1956
                     Research for E. E. Robinson’s Book, The Roosevelt Leadership, 1932-45, 1952
                     Research Ideas from the 1950’s
                     Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Notes, undated


28        Books (not by Bornet)
                     Bureau of Medical Economic Research, Bulletins, 1947-1958 (3 volumes)

29                 Essays on Liberty, 1952-1963 (6 volumes)
                     Jenkin, Thomas Pau. Reactions of Major Groups to Positive Government in the
                              United States 1930-1940, 1945
                     Kirkpatrick, George R. War – What For?, 1910
                     Proceedings of the National Conference of Social Work, 1939
                     Quade, E. S. Analysis for Public Decisions, 1975

30                 Robinson, Edgar Eugene
                              American Democracy in Time of Crisis, 1934 (2 copies)
                              The Evolution of American Political Parties, 1924
                              The New United States, 1946
                              The Roosevelt Leadership 1933-1945, 1955
                     Wemple, Claude. Memories of Rancher from the Land of Never Sweats, 1992

31-34   Note Cards
                     Labor and Politics in the 20th Century
                     Hoover and Welfare and Other Subjects
                     Subject Card Files Alphabetized (2 boxes)


35        Ashland, Oregon, undated
            Bailey, Thomas A., 1951
            Biographical Materials
            Bornet Publishing Company, 1991-1992
            Clippings, 1962-89 and undated
            Correspondence, 1940-2000 (6 folders)

36        Correspondence with E. E. Robinson, 1947-1974 (4 folders)
            Dissertation, circa 1950
            Donated Books to Libraries, 1979
            Emory University
                     General, 1933-1973
                     Admission of Negroes, 1950-1961
                     Alumni, 1981
            Graduate Studies Notes
                     American Historiography, 1949
                     American Thought in the 19th and 20th Centuries, 1945
                     Diplomatic History of the United States, 1948-1949
                     England since 1603, circa 1949

37                 English Historiography, circa 1949
                     European Historiography, 1948
                     Historical Interpretation, 1949
                     The Napoleonic Era, 1941
                     Reconstruction, 1941
                     Russia since 1917, 1949                                   
                     The Westward Movement, 1948-1949
            Graduate Studies, Seminar Papers, 1940-1941, 1949
            Grant Application, 1974-1976
            High School Honor Students, 1991
            Job Searches, 1946-1980
            Miscellaneous, 1940-1991
            Newspaper Clippings of Childhood, undated

38        Politics, 1981
            Press Releases, 1956-1977
            Ranking the Presidents Survey, 1996
            Ravenswood School District, 1954-1957
            Republican Party, 1962
            Retirement, 1980
            Robinson, Edgar E.
                     Speeches and Writings, 1914-1967
                     Student Papers, 1914-1967
            Rotary Policy, 1996
            Tribute to Dwight Miller, 1999
            Undergraduate Studies Course Notes
                     The Confederacy, 1938
                     Constitutional Law, 1937
                     History of Georgia, 1937
                     Introduction to Philosophy, 1936
                     Jeffersonian Democracy, 1938
                     Logic, 1936
                     The Old South, 1938
                     Recent and Contemporary United States, 1938
                     Roman history notes, 1938
                     Papers Written for History Course, undated


Additions to Vaughn Davis Bornet Papers (to be integrated into collection)

39        Personal Correspondence
                     Parents – Vaughn T. and Florence Davis Bornet, 1939-1944 (10 folders)

40                 Parents – Vaughn T. and Florence Davis Bornet, 1944-1961 (4 folders)
                     Son – Stephen Bornet, 1966-1999 (5 folders)

41                 General, 1997-2003 (also box 35)
            Personal – US Navy service of Vaughn Davis Bornet
                     Barracks Administration memos, 1944-1945
            Research Files
                     Herbert Hoover Relief Policies (3 folders)
                     Recent Social Trends (6 folders)

42        Teaching – Southern Oregon State College
                     Academic Freedom – Termination of Bornet, 1970
                     Administrative Correspondence, 1969-1974
                     Courses Taught by Bornet, 1966-1980
                     General Correspondence, 1966-1974 (2 folders)
            Writing Files
                     Navy Barracks Administration, 1944-1945
                     Hoover’s Leadership with E. E. Robinson, 1952-1988
                     Relief Policies of Herbert Hoover, circa 1954
         E-mail Manuscript, 1997
         Scull Estate in Texas, 2003
         Thinking about the Iraq Situation, 2003
         My Parents Vaughn Taylor and Florence Davis Scull Bornet, 2004
         Republican, Democrat or Independent: Which Choice for Me?, 2004
         Herbert Hoover Reassessed, 2006
         How I Clung to Health in My Old Age, 2006

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