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March 13, 2020

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13 linear feet, 2 linear inches
(29 manuscript boxes and 2 oversize boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Arthur A. Ballantine served as Undersecretary of the Treasury in the Hoover administration.


His papers contain approximately thirteen feet of correspondence, memoranda, reports and copies of articles and speeches. Ballantine's personal and professional lives are relatively well‑documented. In addition to files concerning his family and legal practice, the collection contains several files reflecting his involvement in a variety of philanthropic, legal, and educational organizations and institutions. These include membership on the Board of Trustees of the Practicing Law Institute, Columbia Teachers College, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Harvard University Board of Overseers.

Early in his career Ballantine became an expert on corporate income taxes. In 1917 he was appointed to a three‑man committee to advise the Commissioner of Internal Revenue on legal questions arising from the new war revenue laws, particularly the excess profits tax enacted in October 1917. He became Solicitor of the Internal Revenue Service in 1918 and, in 1927, was named as an advisor to the Treasury Department and the Joint Committee of Congress on Internal Revenue Taxation. His continuing interest in the impact of federal tax policy was frequently voiced in speeches and articles for magazines and legal journals and is reflected in an extensive file of articles and speeches (2 1\2 ft., 1903‑59) and in several subject files on the New Deal, Social Security and taxes.

Other insights into his personal life may be gained from over 420 letters that Ballantine exchanged between 1902 and 1936 with his father, William G. Ballantine, a former president (1891‑1906) of Oberlin College. This correspondence also provides some insights into Ballantine's duties and problems as Undersecretary and life in the nation's capital. This personal correspondence serves as an important and candid supplement to Ballantine's letter press copy books of official*correspondence ( 2 ft., 1931‑33) which he retained when he resigned on May 15, 1933. Combined with a subject file on the"Banking Crisis of 1933", these correspondence files document and illuminate policies of both Hoover and Roosevelt in regard to the depression and the banking crisis of 1933. They also reveal the curious set of circumstances which resulted in Roosevelt's insisting that Ballantine stay on to help draft the emergency banking act under which banks were reopened.


Boxes  Contents

1‑12, 28‑29   SUBJECT FILES, 1901‑1966
            Correspondence, telegrams, reports and memoranda, clippings, and scrapbooks
            pertaining to Ballantine's personal and professional activities and his service‑as
            Assistant and Undersecretary of the Treasury, 1931‑33. Arranged by subjects
            alphabetically and thereunder chronologically.

13‑20   CORRESPONDENCE, 1901‑1961
            Official and personal correspondence arranged in two chronological subseries.

21‑27   SPEECHES AND ARTICLES, 1903‑1959
            Drafts and printed copies of Ballantine's articles, letters to the editor and
            speeches. Also a small quantity of correspondence concerning some articles,
            letters or speeches. Arranged chronologically.




Box      Contents
1          Allen, Mary & Horace, 1951‑54
            American Friends of Czecho‑Slovakia, 1939
                     Legion of Honor, 1952‑53
                     Navy's Distinguished Public Service, 1948‑57
                     White Lion, 1935
            Ballantine Family
            Ballantine Family, Genealogy
            Ballantine, Arthur A.
                     General, 1901‑1966
                     Admission to Bar, 1906‑1960 & undated
                     Appointments & Accounts, 1903‑1907
                     Birthday, 1954
                     Clubs, Miscellaneous, 1912‑1918
                     Illness, 1950
                     IRS Solicitor, 1917‑1919
                     Law Firms, Correspondence, 1912‑1959

2                   Law Firm, Annual Dinners, 1925-1959 and undated (2 folders)
                     Law Firm, "The Bull", 1931‑1960
                     Lecture Notes‑YMCA Law School, 1911‑1913
                     Obituaries, 1960
                     Wedding, 1907
            Ballantine, Edward, 1914‑1955
            Ballantine, Barbara, (Mrs. John Cross) 1909‑1929
            Ballantine, Helen, 1903‑1966
            Ballantine, Henry Winthrop, 1951‑1952

3          Ballantine, Household and Personal, 1908-1966
            Ballantine, William Gay, 1917-1960
            Banking, 1932, 1934-1935, 1944 and undated (2 folders)
            Banking Crisis of 1933, 1933-1934, 1943-1964 and undated (2 folders)
            Boston Elevated Railway Case, 1913
            Campaign of 1936 (2 folders)
            Campaign of 1952
            Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1946-1953 (See Also: Hiss, Alger)
4          Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1936‑1945
            Choate, Rufus, 1848‑49 & undated
            Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report, 1949‑1952 & undated
            Columbia Teachers College Trustee, 1934-1950 (4 folders)
            Committee for Re‑education of Refugee Lawyers
            Compensations for Auto Accidents, 1932
            Constitution, Fifth Amendment
            Council on Foreign Relations

5          Greater New York Fund, 1943, 1949-1950 (2 folders)
            Harvard University
                     General, 1905-1960 (3 folders)

6                   Ballantine Scholarships and Other Gifts, 1952‑1959
                     Board of Overseers, 1928-1958 and undated (4 folders)
                     Board of Overseers - Printed Matter
                     Class of 1904, 1921-1959 and undated (2 folders)
                     Class of 1904 Reunions, 1907-1910, 1914, 1919, 1926, 1949 (4 folders)

7                   Class of 1904 Reunions - 50th Anniversary, 1952‑1954 (2 folders)
                     Class of 1904 Reunions - Class Notes and Test Papers
                     Harvard Cooperative Society
                     Harvard Crimson
                              General, 1901‑1960 & undated
                              Copies, 1901‑1948
                     Law School Class of 1907, 50th Anniversary, 1956‑1957
                              Printed Matter
                              Prospect Union

8          Hiss, Alger
                     General, 1946, 1948-1949 (4 folders)
                     Hearings, 1948 August 25
                     Hearings, 1948 August 30
            Hoover, Herbert
            Hoover, Herbert, Articles and Speeches
            LaGuardia Campaign, 1941

9          Mailing List
            Masaryk Institute, 1937‑1942
            Mortgage Conference, 1931‑1946
            National Debt, 1939
            Naval Justice
                     Ballantine Reports, 1943‑1948
                     Dedication Naval Justice School Building, 1946
            New Deal
                     Clippings, 1934-1937 (3 folders)
                     General, 1935-1939 and undated (3 folders)

10                 Printed Material
            New York Finances, 1936
            Nisi Prius Club (Boston), 1914‑1952 & Undated
            Nisi Prius Club (New York)
                     Correspondence, 1925‑1931
                     Attendance, 1926‑1931
                     New Members, 1925‑1928
                     Notices, 1926‑1933
            Northeastern University,

11        Phi Beta Kappa Associates, 1952‑1959
            Poetry and Humor
            Practicing Law Institute, 1947-1952, 1955-1958 and undated (2 folders)
            Republican Party, 1960
            River Club, 1960‑1961
            Roosevelt, Franklin D.
            Securities Exchange Act Lectures, 1934
            Trips and Passports, 1923-1961 and undated (2 folders)
            Skating Club, 1944‑1959
            Social Security, 1935-1938 and undated (2 folders)

12        Springfield College, 1955‑1958
            Stock Exchange, 1933‑1934
            Taxes, 1920‑1957 & undated
            Townsend Old Age Pension, 1935‑1936
            Miscellaneous (3 folders)

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Box      Contents
13        General Correspondence, 1901-1931 (20 folders)

14        General Correspondence, 1932-1952 (15 folders)

15        General Correspondence, 1953-1961 and undated (10 folders)
            Condolence Letters, 1960 (A-Z, 4 folders)

16        Congratulations on Appointment as Assistant Secretary of Treasury, 1931
            Congratulations on Appointment as Undersecretary of Treasury, 1932

17        Official Treasury Letterpress copybooks, Mar 17-Dec 11, 1931 (3 vols)

18        Official Treasury Letterpress copybooks, Dec 11, 1931-May 11, 1932 (3 vols)

19        Official Treasury Letterpress copybooks, May 11, 1932-Feb 20, 1933 (3 vols)

20        Official Treasury Letterpress copybooks, Feb 20-May 15, 1933 (2 vols)


21        Indices to Articles and Speeches
            Boylston Prize Contest, 1903
            Harvard Speeches, 1904-1907
            Independence Day Speech, 1908
            Lincoln Birthday Speech, 1909
            Phi Beta Kappa Dinner, 1910
            Assorted Speeches, 1914
            Prices According to Law, 1915
            A Compensation Plan for Railway Accidents
                     Correspondence, 1915‑1916
                     Notes and Drafts
                     Printed Copies
            Harvard Crimson Speech, 1916
            Railway Strikes and the Constitution, 1917
            Constitutional Aspects of the Excess Profits Tax, 1920
            The Lawyer and the Income Tax, Dec 10, 1920
            Assorted Speeches, 1921
            Corporate Personality in Income Taxation, Apr 1921
            Practical Aspects of the Income Tax, June 4, 1921

22        Address to Boston Bar Association, May 16, 1922
            Federal Income Tax Problems and Procedure, Dec 16, 1922
            Why Choose the Law?, 1923
            The New Revenue Act, 1924
            Taxable Income, 1925
            The Ideal Income Tax, Nov 16, 1925
            The New Income Tax Regulations, 1926
            Tax Reduction and the New Revenue Bill, 1928
            Letter to the New York Times, Dec 29, 1928
            Valuations for Income Tax Purposes, 1929
            A Study of Compensations for Automobile Accidents, 1929
            Davis, Polk, Wardwell, Gardiner & Reed – Some of the Antecedents, 1930
            Treasury Bills Press Release, Aug 14, 1931
            Bound Volume, 1931‑1933
                     The Treasury Today, Apr 29, 1931
                     War Policies in Taxation, May 20, 1931
                     You and Your Country, June 15, 1931
                     The Treasury's Financial Program, Jan 8, 1932
                     Commencement Address, June 18, 1932
                     Statement, July 11, 1932
                     Federal Income Tax Procedures, Aug1, 1932
                     Treasury Birthday Speech, Sep 2, 1932
                     The Public Credit, Sep 9, 1932
                     Remarks at Neighborhood Meeting, Sep 30, 1932
                     Federal Taxation Today, Oct 20, 1932
                     The Service of the Reconstruction Finance Corp, Oct 21, 1932
                     Aspects of Federal Finance, Oct 26, 1932
                     Industry and the Federal Tax Problem, Dec 16, 1932
                     Some Fundamentals of Recovery, Dec 19, 1932
                     Some Treasury Impressions, Jan 27, 1933
                     The Republican Party of Tomorrow, Jan 27, 1933
                     Aspects of Fiscal Policy, Jan 30, 1933
            Assorted Speeches, 1932
            Compensation for Automobile Accidents, Apr 1932
            Federal Taxation Today, Nov 1932
            Aspects of Fiscal Policy, Jan 30, 1933
            The National Industrial Recovery Act, June 22, 1933
            Aspects of Federal Finance, Sep 27, 1933
            Amending the Federal Securities Act, Dec 8, 1933
            Comments upon Federal Tax Recommendations of the Subcommittee of the Ways and
                     Means Committee, Dec 14, 1933
            Aspects of Government Financial Policies, Jan 12, 1934
            Harvard Club Address, Jan 25, 1934
            Some Sentiments of the day, Feb 22, 1934
            The Times and the Lawyer, Mar 24, 1934
            Government Finance: Facing the Facts, Sep 5, 1934
            Public Finance and the Future of Industry, Sep 12, 1934
            Promoting Recovery, Oct 16, 1934
            Cluett for Senator, Nov 5, 1934

23        1935
                     March 5, "Some Thoughts on Recovery"
                     May 6, "The Republican Party Must Go Forward"
                     June 26, "Experimentation by Taxation"
                     November, Century Club Address
                     November 12, "The Significance of Federal Financial Policies"
                     November 14, "Why the Constitution?"
                     December, Radio Speech for the United Hospital Campaign Committee
                     January 14, "Forward with Private Enterprise"
                     January 17, "The Part of Patriotism Today"
                     February, "After Sudden Death"
                     February 11, "Lincoln and the National Good Will"
                     February 15, "Federal Financial Policies"
                     March 30, 'Why Not Steer for Employment"
                     March, "The New Corporation Tax Plan"
                     April 25, "Promoting Social Security"
                     May 5, Statement on behalf of the Merchants' Association of New York in Opposition to the New Tax Plan
                     May 9, "An Approach to the Constitution"
                     June 4, "Speculation in Federal Spending"
                     July 29, "The Leadership of Governor Landon"
                     August, "Erosion by Government Finance"
                     September, "A.B.A. Federal Tax Committee Report"
                     September 23, "The Issure in Governement Finance"
                     October, "I'm For Landon"
                     December 4, "Federal Revenue & Expenditure: Practical Aspects"
                     December 28, "Practical Aspects of Judicial Review"
                     January, "Famous Awards: The Alleghany Case"
                     January, "Modernizing the Autobile Accident Law"
                     January 29, "Current Aspects of Federal Finance and Taxation"
                     February, "Law Requires Controller to Guess at Best Financial Policies"

24                 April 16, "A Lawyers Outlook at the National Scene"
                     May 10, New York World‑Telegram
                     October 19, "Industry and the Undistributed Profits Tax"
                     November 18, "Federal Finance and Recovery"
                     January 17, "Current American Trends"
                     February, "Administrative Agencies & the Law"
                     February 12, "Lincoln and the Problems of Today"
                     March 24, "A Prospectus for Government Bonds"
                     March 31, "The Management of Government Finance"
                     April 8, "Social Security Reserves & Treasury Manipulations"
                     April 8, "The Delusion of the Federal Old Age Benefits Reserves"
                     April 24, Letter to New York Times
                     May 21, "The Lawyer's Outlook Today"
                     May 30, Memorial Day Address
                     January 16, "Farewell to Balance"
                     January 26, "Federal Power over Interstate Commerce Today"
                     February 2, "A New Theory of Federal Finance"
                     April, "Can We Go On Mortgaging the Future?"
                     April 18, Radio Address, "What Helps Business Helps You"
                     May 14, "John Smith and His Taxes"
                     May 19, "The Lawyer of Tomorrow"
                     May 22, "Public Welfare and the Public Dollar"
                     May 30, "Positive Americanism"
                     September 27, "Government Finance in the Present Setting"
                     November 15, "Employment and Federal Finance"
                     December 7, "The Human Side of the Budget"
                     January 8, "Banking and the Government"
                     March 18, "Dismissing the Deficit"
                     March 21, "Preferences for Government Spending"
                     May 16, "Government Expenditure in A New Light"
                     May 18, Associated Harvard Clubs 43rd Annual Meeting"
                     June 6, "Financing Preparedness"
                     July, "Business Without Precedents"
                     September 10, "Grants in Aid‑‑Possibilities and Problems"
                     October 2, Remarks at Women's Division of the United Republican Finance Committee
                     October 28, "Willkie‑‑The road to Opportunity"
                     November 19, "Looking Ahead After the Election"

25        1941
                     March 4, "How to Finance National Defense"
                     March 25, "The Crisis in Taxation"
                     April, "Douglas on Democracy & Finance‑‑A Review"
                     September 30, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     November 25, Radio Interview with Fannie Hurst
                     October 10, "Investment in Health"
                     May 19, A Discussion of War Finance & Industry
                     "The Conservative is Sometimes Right"
                     January 29, Address to Commerce and Industry Association of New York
                     March 30, "The Future of the Voluntary Hospitals"
                     January 21, "Encroachment of Federal Power on State Government"
                     February 15, "The Corporation and the Income Tax"
                     May 21, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     August 23, "The Ghost and the Banks"
                     October 10, Remarks to New York Junior League
                     February 25, Letter to the New York Times
                     March, "The Supreme Court: Principles and Personalities"
                     March 20, "Mr. Wallace and Planned Economy"
                     June 20, "The Supreme Court and the Lawyer Today"
                     July 29, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     "The Supreme Court and Business Planning"
                     May 28, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     June 30, "Naval Justice‑‑The Ballantine Report"
                     October 7, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     January 29, Remarks to Greater New York Fund
                     March 6, "The Federal Budget‑‑The Turning Point"
                     March 6, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     April 24, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     June 23, Letter to New York World Telegram
                     September 21, Poem
                     March, "When All the Banks Closed"
                     August 26, Letter toNew York Herald Tribune
                     October, "How Should Taxes be Revised"
                     December 15, "The Courts and Tax Administration"
                     December 23, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     March, "Psychological Bases for Tax Liability"
                     April 8, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     May, "The Courts and Tax Administration: A Plea for a Return to the Statutory Language"
                     August 19, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     October, Letters to New York Herald Tribune
                     December 2, Poem
                     December 9, Letter to New York World Telegram
                     August 16, Letter to New York Herald Tribune
                     November 10, "How the Income Tax has Changed"
                     December 4, Letter to New York Herald Tribune

26        Free Speech and Common Sense, 1952
            Tax Hole vs. Tax Windows, Feb 1952
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Feb 7, 1952
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Feb 27, 1952
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Mar 15, 1952
            Tattered Ensign? Due Process of Law Today Nationally, Apr 1952
            A Standard for Galahad or 'Reasonable Men", Apr 1952
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, May 18, 1952
            The Court May Be Right, June 1952
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, July 5, 1952
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Sep 1, 1952
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Sep 22, 1952
            Letters to New York Herald Tribune, Oct 1952
            Letters to New York Herald Tribune, Nov 1952
            Letter from Raymond Moley, Dec 5, 1952
            The Business Lawyer, 1953
            Financially Irresponsible Motorists, Jan 1953
            Serpent in the Garden, Jan 1953
            Presenting the Law: A Different Approach, Mar 1953
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Mar 11, 1953
            Proposals for a New Approach to the Law, Apr 9, 1953
            Options vs. Ownership, June 1953
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, June 5, 1953
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Aug 20, 1953
            The Business Man and the Constitution, Aug 20, 1953
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Sep 27, 1953
            Case for the Sales Tax, Oct 9, 1953
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Nov 14, 1953
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Nov 29, 1953
            The White Case, Dec 1953
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Dec 25, 1953
            Henry Ford – Determined Dreamer, 1953-1954
            Comments of a Conservative, 1954
            Letters to New York Herald Tribune, Jan 1954
            Letters to New York Herald Tribune, Feb 1954
            Letters to New York Herald Tribune, Mar 1954
            Legal Education of the Future, July 1954
            John M. Harlan for the Supreme Court, 1955
            The Lawyer in Business, 1955
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, Apr 7, 1954
            How to Make a Speech, 1956
            The Business Lawyer, 1956-1957
            Services According to Law, 1957
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, June 5, 1957
            Letters to Harvard Alumni Bulletin, 1958
            Letter to New York Herald Tribune, 1959

27        Speech Materials, undated (5 folders)


28        Scrapbook 1, 1914-1931. Newspaper clippings about Ballantine
            Scrapbook 2, Washington Scrapbook 1931-1932. Newspaper Clippings, invitations,
         menus, one address on treasury, social life of Ballantine
            Scrapbook 3, 1933-1938. Social and political newspaper clippings, invitations

29        Scrapbook 1, 1931-1932. Newspaper clippings, letters, statements, invitations,
                     legislation [BRITTLE]
            Scrapbook 2, Feb-April 1933. Newspaper clippings, press releases
            Scrapbook 3, 1938-1945. Newspaper clippings, invitations, articles on his family

30        Scrapbook 1, 1945-1960. Newspaper clippings, fund invitations, weddings of
                     Grand-daughters, death of Ballantine
            Certificates and degrees, 1914-1931 [transferred from map cabinet, June 2016]
            Diplomas and Law License, 1919-1922 [transferred from map cabinet, March 2016]

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