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List of Schools Named After Herbert Hoover

Hoover Schools
[updated June 2010]

Note:  The legal or official names of schools are not easily confirmed, and can change over time.  This list was compiled by checking official school websites, official school district websites, and third party sites.  When discrepancies were noted, priority was generally given to the name as listed on the school district website.

Schools named for Herbert Hoover (53)
California - 13

Herbert Hoover High School; Fresno, CA
Herbert Hoover High School; Glendale, CA
Dedicated Dec. 3, 1929, the first high school to be named for Hoover
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Indio, CA
Dedicated Nov. 23, 1952
Herbert Hoover Middle School; Lakewood, CA
Long Beach School District; opened Sep. 1956
Herbert Hoover Middle School; Merced, CA
Name chosen June, 1950
Hoover Elementary School; Oakland, CA
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Palo Alto, CA
Dedicated Oct. 26, 1950, originally to have been named South Palo Alto Elementary but the PTA voted to change the name in Mar. 1950.
Hoover Elementary School; Redwood City, CA
Herbert Hoover High School; San Diego, CA
Dedicated Sept. 16, 1930
Herbert Hoover Middle School; San Francisco, CA
Dedicated by HH, Jun. 5, 1956, originally named Herbert Hoover Junior High
Herbert Hoover Middle School; San Jose, CA
Dedicated Nov. 15, 1931, originally named Herbert Hoover Junior High
Herbert Hoover Academy; Santa Anna, CA
Dedicated 1930, originally named Herbert Hoover Elementary
Hoover Elementary School; Stockton, CA
Dedicated by HH, Aug. 3, 1954

Florida - 1
Herbert C. Hoover Middle School; Indialantic, FL

Illinois - 2
Hoover Elementary School; Calumet City, IL
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Schaumburg, IL

Iowa - 10
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Bettendorf, IA
Hoover Elementary School; Cedar Rapids, IA
Hoover Elementary School; Council Bluffs, IA
Herbert Hoover High School; Des Moines, IA
Hoover Elementary School; Dubuque, IA
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Iowa City, IA
Hoover Elementary School; Mason City, IA
Dedicated by HH Aug. 10, 1954
Herbert Hoover Middle School; Sioux City, IA
Hoover Middle School; Waterloo, IA
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; West Branch, IA
Dedicated by HH Aug. 10, 1954

Maryland - 1
Herbert Hoover Middle  School; Rockville, MD

Massachusetts - 1
Herbert Clark Hoover Elementary School; Melrose, MA

Michigan - 4
Hoover Elementary School; Hazel Park, MI
Hoover Elementary School; Lincoln Park, MI
Hoover Elementary School; Livonia, MI
Hoover Elementary School, Wayne, MI

Minnesota - 3
Hoover Elementary School; Coon Rapids, MN
Hoover Elementary School; North Mankato, MN
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Rochester, MN

New Jersey - 2
Hoover Elementary School; Bergenfield, NJ
Named Jun. 3, 1953
Herbert Hoover Middle School; Edison, NJ

New Mexico - 1
Hoover Middle School; Albuquerque, NM

New York - 2
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Kenmore, NY
Herbert Hoover Middle School; Kenmore, NY
Dedicated Oct. 10, 1951

Oklahoma - 3
Hoover Elementary School; Bartlesville, OK
Hoover Elementary School; Enid, OK
Dedicated Oct. 15, 1951, opened Jan. 1952
Hoover Elementary School; Tulsa, OK

Oregon - 3
Hoover Elementary School; Corvallis, OR
Hoover Elementary School; Medford, OR
Hoover Elementary School; Salem, OR
Opened Sep. 8, 1952

Pennsylvania - 3
Hoover Elementary School; Camp Hill, PA
Name chosen Oct. 19, 1949
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Langhorne, PA
Hoover Elementary School; Pittsburgh, PA (Mt. Lebanon School District)

Washington - 1
Herbert Elementary School; Yakima, WA
Dedicated Nov. 24, 1948.

West Virginia - 1
Herbert Hoover High School; Clendenin, WV

Wisconsin - 2
Hoover Elementary School; Neenah, WI
Dedicated Mar. 6, 1953
Hoover Elementary School; New Berlin, WI

Former Herbert Hoover schools (9)
Herbert Hoover Junior High School; Albany, CA
Named for Hoover in Nov. 1928, existed until at least 1953, subsequent fate unknown.
Herbert Hoover Junior High School; Oakland, CA
Named for Hoover in Mar. 1929, existed until at least 1953.  Site is currently occupied by the newer Hoover Elementary School listed above.
Hoover Elementary School; Burlingame, CA
Dedicated Apr. 10, 1931; closed in 1979. Had a Lou Henry Hoover amphitheatre dedicated in 1945.
Hoover Elementary School; Davenport, IA
Closed in 1998.  The building is currently used for a Head Start and Early Childhood Education program called Children's Village at Hoover.
Herbert Hoover High School; Toledo, IA
Closed in 1968?  The building currently houses the Iowa Juvenile Home/State Training School for Girls.
Hoover School (?); Port Huron, MI
Dedicated Feb 1, 1932, existed until at least 1957, subsequent fate unknown.
Hoover Elementary School; Lawton, OK
Renamed Ridgecrest Elementary School in 2006 after the original building was renovated and expanded.
Hoover Middle School; Oklahoma City, OK
Closed 2006?  The building was renovated and now houses Eisenhower Elementary School, which moved from its previous location.
Herbert Hoover Elementary School; Harrisburg, PA
Renamed in 2003 for Thomas W. Holtzman, Jr., a superintendent who died of cancer in 2001.

Schools named for Lou Henry Hoover (2)
Lou Henry Hoover Elementary School; Whittier, CA
Lou Henry Elementary School; Waterloo, IA

Schools not named for Herbert Hoover or Lou Henry Hoover
Hoover Street Elementary School; Los Angeles, CA
This school is named for the adjacent street;  a school has been at that location since 1904.
Hoover-Schrum Memorial School District; Calumet City, IL
This is a small school district which consists of two schools:  Hoover Elementary and Schrum Memorial Middle School.  The elementary school is named for Herbert Hoover (see above);  the district is named after the school.
Hoover Middle School; Taylor, MI
Named for J. Edgar Hoover.
Hoover High School; North Canton, OH
Named for the vacuum cleaner company and/or its founder, William H Hoover.



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