The Sixties: The Times They Are a-Changin'

The Sixties: The Times They Are a-Changin'
Online Exhibit

The Sixties Exhibit


Institutions :

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, Abilene KS

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, West Branch IA

Iowa Gold Star Museum , Camp Dodge , Johnston IA

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston MA

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum, Austin TX

National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA Exhibits Warehouse, Nassau Bay TX

National Air and Space Museum , Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

National Motorcycle Museum , Anamosa IA

Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, Yorba Linda CA

Rock Island Arsenal Museum , Rock Island IL

State Historical Society of Iowa , Des Moines IA

University of Iowa Main Library, Special Collections, Iowa City IA

Washington Community Theater, Washington IA

Individuals :
Brad Bauer, Stanford CA
Marcus Eckhardt, Iowa City IA
Mary Evans, Mount Vernon IA
Jim Goddard, West Branch IA
Kathy Grace, West Branch IA
Jay and Maureen Harding, Iowa City IA
Jermaine Hathaway, Muscatine IA
James Hicks, Iowa City IA
Pam Hinkhouse, West Branch IA
Spencer Howard, Iowa City IA
John and Evan Lattimer, Englewood NJ
Bruce McKeeman, Prescott AZ
Rolly Owens , Iowa City IA
Ted Pacha, Iowa City IA
Jenny Pedersen, West Branch IA
Bob Peterson, West Branch IA
Madelyn Petty, New Virginia IA
Matt Schaefer, Iowa City IA
Lynn Smith, West Branch IA
Bill Streat, Muscatine IA
Doug Trachta, Center Point IA
Tim Walch, Iowa City IA
Michael Zahs, Ainsworth IA

This exhibit was on display at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum in West Branch, Iowa from
April 22, 2006 - October 29, 2006.

Thank you
The Roy J. Carver Trust
William B. Quarton
Herbert Hoover Foundation of Iowa
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association

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