The Sixties: The Times They Are a-Changin'

America's Second Revolution

The Sixties continue to be controversial in the analysis of our nation's past.
Still today, people seem to be divided among opposing views:

60s Revolution Provoked Decay

Conservative thinkers believe that the decade's excess undermined American traditions. They label the Sixties generation as irresponsible, frivolous, selfish, vulgar, and downright immature. New freedoms without responsibility lowered standards and led to the glorification of radical extremism and violence. Sixties activism ultimately drove America into today's obsession with multiculturalism and political correctness, backed by a dreary pop culture that dominates every aspect of American life.

60s Enlightenment Evoked Change

Liberals argue that extravagant behavior was necessary to awaken a society stuck in 1950s illusions. Crucial issues were addressed, especially the lies told to the American people and thousands of young lives wasted in a pointless war. Because of protest, the decade witnessed greater justice and equality for Blacks, women, and minorities, plus a greater reluctance to go to war.

Outcomes are difficult to assess because few periods
in our history shook so many traditions so fast.


Photograph of The Sixties exhibit.

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