The Sixties: The Times They Are a-Changin'

Tales of Camelot
America as it Once and Never Was

Photograph of The Sixties exhibit.


One Brief Shining Moment

As the stodgy 1950s were swept away by the Swinging Sixties, an exhilarating optimism brightened the Camelot* years (1961-1963). John and Jackie Kennedy brought glamour and polish to the White House. This new and youthful president eloquently appealed to America 's idealism, energizing a new generation to soar higher and share our good fortune. The nation was powerful and proud, and Americans believed that we could change the world.

*A 1960 Broadway musical, "Camelot" portrayed the romantic legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and became a popular metaphor for the Kennedy administration.

Seeds of Revolution

At the same time, themes already in motion foreshadowed a darker future. From discrimination and inequality to pollution and the threat of nuclear war, young people began to question America 's traditional values. After decades of self-sacrifice and conformity, the country was primed for a little impulsive action. A storm was brewing. And by the end of 1963, one tragic event defined the moment when America lost its innocence.

Tales of Camelot
The Cold War Warms Up
Racing To The Moon
Civil Rights On The March
Teen Angels
The Swinging Sixties
Sun 'n' Surf Meets London Turf
The Awakening of America
Camelot Finale
Something's Happenin' Here
Vietnam : A Young Man's Hell
Black Power
Rat Race Refugees
Talkin' 'Bout My Generation
Establishment Up Against the Ivied Wall
The Nixon Era Begins
To the Moon
The Legacy















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