25th U.S. President 1897-1901
LIFETIME: 1843-1901, of Scotch-Irish and English ancestry

William McKinley homes

PRIMARY HOME: "Saxton-McKinley House" at 331 Market Avenue So. , Canton OH - a three-story brick Italianate style mansion with a mansard roof and wrap-around porch. "The Saxton-McKinley House" is now an historic site and the home of the National First Ladies Library.
PHOTO CREDIT: Cabins, Cottages, and Mansions: Homes of the Presidents of the United States by Nancy D. Meyers-Benbow and Christopher H. Benbow

BIRTHPLACE: Niles OH - a two-story frame house, destroyed by fire in 1935


William McKinley was born and raised in Ohio. As a young man he served in the Civil War, then practiced law in Canton before entering politics. He achieved a seat in the U.S. Congress before being elected Governor of Ohio.

After his 1871 marriage to Ida Saxton, the McKinleys resided in Ida's ancestral home. The Italianate mansion was richly furnished and had a third floor ballroom for entertaining. Family circumstances, however, were marred by tragedy. After their first two children died in early childhood, Ida suffered from epilepsy and emotional distress.

In the wake of the financial panic of 1893, William found himself $100,000 in debt and wealthy friends came to the rescue. After McKinley was elected to the presidency, his administration ushered America into a new era of global power. Then before his second term began, a Polish anarchist shot and killed him, the third president to be assassinated in the United States.


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