36th U.S. President 1963-1969
LIFETIME: 1908-1973, of English-Irish, German, Scotch

Lyndon Johnson homes

BIRTHPLACE (top): Stonewall TX - a "dog-trot" farm house 14 miles west of Johnson City . (Present structure is a replica.)
PHOTO CREDIT: 2004 Calendar of Presidential Homes, photographer Garren Zuck

PRIMARY HOME (center and bottom): "The LBJ Ranch" near Stonewall TX - a farmhouse built of native limestone and wood facing the scenic Pedernales River
PHOTO CREDIT: LBJ: Images of a Vibrant Life, published by the Friends of the LBJ Library, Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library and Museum, Austin TX


Deep in the vast Texas hill country, Lyndon Johnson was born in a "dog-trot" house, so-called because of the open breezeway running between two enclosed sections. After college graduation, he was off to Washington D.C. to become a Congressional aide, and subsequently enjoyed his own long and effective career in Congress.

Back in Texas in 1934, a whirlwind courtship resulted in his marriage to Claudia Alta Taylor, nicknamed "Lady Bird." With her inherited investments, she and LBJ built a multi-million dollar radio and television empire.

As Vice President to John F. Kennedy, he assumed the U.S. presidency after the assassination of JFK in 1963. Johnson achieved great success in the areas of Civil Rights, the environment and space exploration, but the turmoil over the Vietnam War bogged down his presidency. In the post-presidential years, the Johnsons retired to a quiet life on the LBJ Ranch, where Lady Bird continues to live today.


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