1st U.S. President 1789-1797
LIFETIME: 1732-1799, of English ancestry
Mt. Vernon in miniature


PRIMARY HOME: Mount Vernon , Mount Vernon VA - the original 1½ story modest-sized structure was expanded to a 2½ story Georgian Colonial mansion.
PHOTO CREDITS: Mount Vernon Ladies Association, Mount Vernon VA

HAND-PAINTED ENGRAVING, "The Washington Family" depicts Washington leaving Mount Vernon for his presidential inauguration in New York City , engraved 1800
Claude & Inez Harkins

MOUNT VERNON IN MINIATURE, scale replica of the mansion as it appeared in 1799
Mount Vernon Ladies Association, Mount Vernon VA

Born to wealthy planters in the Tidewater region of Virginia, George Washington's first three years were spent at Pope's Creek Plantation . (The original house was destroyed by fire in 1779, but a replica has been built .) Over the next few years, the family moved to Hunting Creek Plantation (later named Mount Vernon ) and also Ferry Farm near Fredericksburg . After his father died in 1743, George lived alternately with one half-brother at Pope's Creek and with the other at Mount Vernon .

In 1752, George inherited the Mount Vernon estate, enlarging and redecorating the main house into a stately mansion in preparation for his marriage to Martha Custis in 1759. An excellent example of colonial architecture, Washington 's original design featured Palladian windows and a unique piazza that extended the full length of the house facing the Potomac River .

George became one of the most progressive farmers of his day, experimenting with crop rotation and soil conservation. The 8,000 acre property was divided into five farms, each with its own overseer, workers, slaves, livestock, equipment, and buildings. Today, however, the outlying farms no longer exist.


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