26th U.S. President 1901-1909
LIFETIME: 1858-1919, of Dutch, Scotch, English, and Huguenot ancestry
Theodore Roosevelt homes



BIRTHPLACE (left): 28 East 20 th Street , New York NY - a four-story Victorian brownstone
ETCHING OF T.R.'s BIRTHPLACE, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, West Branch IA

PRIMARY HOME (right): "Sagamore Hill" on Cove Neck, Long Island Sound, Oyster Bay NY - a rambling Victorian Style home
PHOTO CREDIT: 2003 Calendar of Presidential Homes, designed by Presidential Avenue



Born into "old money," Teddy Roosevelt enjoyed a privileged but sickly childhood in New York City . He was happiest amidst the fields and woodlands of the Roosevelt summer home on Long Island . After college graduation, T.R. purchased land on Cove Neck, married Alice Lee, and started planning his new home. Tragedy soon hit, however, when Alice died in childbirth.

Heartbroken, Roosevelt fled to a log cabin in Dakota Territory . But his ranching venture failed, and he returned to New York to build Sagamore Hill - a rambling Victorian home with 26 rooms, sweeping verandas, and a panoramic view of Long Island Sound. His second marriage to Edith Kermit Carow added five more children, infusing Sagamore Hill with life and a place of "birds and trees and books . and horses and rifles and children and hard work and the joy of life."


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