3rd U.S. President 1801-1809
LIFETIME: 1743-1826, of Welsh ancestry
Jefferson exhibit

PRIMARY RESIDENCE (top left and center): " Monticello " in Charlottesville VA - influenced by French Neoclassic and Italian Palladian architecture, the three-story mansion has nine bedrooms plus a room in the dome
PHOTO CREDITS: 2004 Calendar " Jefferson 's Monticello " by photographer Leonard G. Phillips

RETREAT (right): " Poplar Forest " in Forest VA - one of the earliest octagonal houses in America with Palladian style porticoes and Tuscan columns
PHOTO CREDITS: aerial photo by Les Schofer, and artist's rendering of the grounds as they looked from 1814-1820, The Corporation for Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest , Forest VA


The Forbes Collection, New York NY
PAIR OF JEWELED SHOE BUCKLES that belonged to Thomas Jefferson
Claude Harkins, Lee's Summit MO
POPLAR FOREST ARTIFACTS include a pewter model, and watercolors depicting the upper and lower levels of Poplar Forest, drawn by Gail McIntosh
The Corporation for Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, Forest VA

Monticello - which means "little mountain" and is one of this country's foremost architectural masterpieces - was designed by Thomas Jefferson, a man of extraordinary talents. Jefferson was well-versed not only in government and diplomacy, but also philosophy, music, architecture, and horticulture. His ingenuity extended to the exterior landscaping which included ornamental and vegetable gardens, orchards, vineyards, and over 160 varieties of trees.

Built on 1,000 acres of the 3,000 inherited from his father, Monticello 's design reveals Jefferson 's love of the graceful lines and domed contours of classical architecture. Neoclassism became fashionable in late 18 th century America, influenced by the Italian archaeological excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum .

To escape the constant stream of visitors, Jefferson also designed and built a small retreat called Poplar Forest . This octagonal house was set in the midst of a 4,812 acre working farm. The living space occupied one floor in a series of elongated octagons surrounding a central cube. Jefferson delighted in Poplar Forest, calling his villa "the best dwelling house in the State."


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