9th U.S. President, March 4-April 4, 1841
LIFETIME: 1773-1841, of English ancestry
William Henry Harrison homes



PRIMARY HOME (top left): "Grouseland" at Vincennes , Indiana - a Georgian brick manor
PHOTO CREDIT: Historic Homes of the American Presidents by Irvin Haas

BIRTHPLACE (right): "Berkeley Plantation" in the James River Valley, VA - a Georgian brick mansion on a 1,400 acre estate, built by his grandfather in 1726
PHOTO CREDIT: Homes and Libraries of the Presidents by William G. Clotworthy



Although William Henry Harrison is considered one of the early western presidents, he was born on his grandfather's plantation in Virginia. Later as a young man, Harrison joined the Army where he became an officer on the western frontier.

Harrison settled in at Vincennes, Indiana, after he was appointed Governor of Indiana Territory at age 27. His home was named "Grouseland" after the bountiful flocks of local gamebirds. This brick home of over 20 rooms and 10 fireplaces became a symbol of civility on the frontier. Because of the threat of Indian raids, however, the exterior walls were 18 inches thick with portholes for sharpshooters. Here he lived for a dozen years.

He later moved to Ohio , and served in the U.S. Congress before running for President. William Henry Harrison died from pneumonia, 31 days after delivering a two-hour inaugural speech in the freezing rain, a speech he had composed at Berkeley Plantation.

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