43rd U.S. President 2001-prsent
LIFETIME: 1946-present, of English ancestry
George W. Bush homes

PRIMARY HOME: "The Ranch" near Crawford TX - a 60-year-old farmhouse on 1,600 acres
PHOTO CREDIT: , website of The White House

FAMILY VACATION HOME: Walker 's Point, Kennebunkport ME - a brick and stone mansion
PHOTO CREDIT: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, College Station TX




George W. Bush became a Texan when he was two years old, and his boyhood years were spent in Midland, "a town of embedded values with a heavy dose of individualism and fairly healthy disrespect for government." After attending Yale and Harvard, Bush returned to Texas as an independent oil man before being elected Governor in 1994.

George Bush and George W. Bush became the second father-and-son pair to serve in the presidency, the first being John Adams and John Quincy Adams .

At The Ranch near Crawford , Texas , a renovated farmhouse serves as host to visiting foreign leaders, private meetings, and official press conferences. The 1,600 acre property includes a private fishing lake. Crawford residents are bombarded by tourists asking for directions, but the house cannot be seen from the road and area traffic is restricted.

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