32nd U.S. President 1933-1945
LIFETIME: 1882-1945, of Dutch ancestry
Franklin Roosevelt homes

VACATION HOME: Campobello Island , New Brunswick , Canada - Dutch Colonial Revival with 34 rooms
PHOTO CREDIT: Homes and Libraries of the Presidents by William G. Clotworthy

BIRTHPLACE and PRIMARY RESIDENCE: "Springwood" in Hyde Park NY - an early 1800s clapboard home later renovated with stucco and additions of a third story, two fieldstone wings, and a portico with classic columns
PHOTO CREDIT: 2004 Calendar of Presidential Homes, photographer Garren Zuck




Born into a gentry lifestyle of money and social position, Franklin Roosevelt had it all. Between annual trips to Europe , Franklin lived at his parents' home called Springwood - an imposing 35-room mansion with dramatic views of the elite Hudson River Valley .

Summers were spent on Campobello Island in New Brunswick , Canada , a vacation resort for the wealthy. Roosevelt 's mother presented a magnificent seasonal "cottage" as a wedding gift to Franklin and Eleanor in 1910. Included in this vacation home were 18 bedrooms, seven bathrooms and seven fireplaces.

Until 1921, FDR enjoyed a career in elected and appointed public offices, but then he was stricken with infantile paralysis (polio). With great effort, Franklin Roosevelt worked to regain the use of his legs. A dozen years later he reached the pinnacle of the White House to begin his unprecedented four-term presidency, and became one of the most beloved presidents of all time.


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