41st U.S. President 1989-1993
LIFETIME: 1924-present, of English ancestry
George Bush homes

BIRTHPLACE: 173 Adams Street , Milton MA - a large Victorian frame house
PHOTO CREDIT: Cabins, Cottages & Mansions: Homes of the Presidents of the United States by Nancy D. Myers Benbow and Christopher H. Benbow

VACATION HOME: Walker 's Point, Kennebunkport ME - a brick and stone mansion
PHOTO CREDIT: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, College Station TX




A Texas oil man in adulthood, George Bush was born into an aristocratic New England household. The 41 st president, however, has lived in residences from mansions to Navy barracks, and from apartments to elaborate vacation homes. George and Barbara Bush currently reside comfortably in a modern home in Houston, Texas .

While serving as C.I.A. Director in Washington D.C. , Bush installed bulletproof screens . along with Yale decals on the toilet seat covers! As Vice-President from 1981-1989, the family lived in a turreted home on the grounds of the National Observatory. George quipped that he and Barbara had lived in that house longer than any other in more than 40 years of marriage.

Each summer finds the Bush family on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean . Here his grandfather built a sprawling family retreat, substantial enough to have weathered the storms since 1905.


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