16th U.S. President 1861-1865
LIFETIME: 1809-1865, of English ancestry
Lincoln items

BOYHOOD HOME: "Knob Creek Farm" near Hodgenville KY - a one-room log cabin with an 18'x20' sleeping loft
PHOTO CREDIT: Homes and Libraries of the Presidents by William G. Clotworthy

PRIMARY HOME: Springfield IL - originally a 1½ story Greek Revival style home, later expanded to two stories with a rear addition
PHOTO CREDITS: 2003 Calendar of Presdential Homes by Presidential Avenue
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Springfield IL
Chicago Historical Society, photographer J.A. Whipple

Claude and Inez Harkins
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Springfield IL
Ohio Historical Society, Columbus OH
Michael Zahs, Ainsworth IA
Illinois State Museum , Springfield IL

Born on the Kentucky frontier, Abe Lincoln was raised in the wilderness of Indiana and Illinois. With few opportunities for formal education, he later admitted that "when I came of age I did not know much."

After working and studying law in New Salem, he arrived in Springfield , Illinois in 1837. While continuing his transition from a backwoodsman to lawyer, he met and married Mary Todd and they began their married life by renting rooms for $4.00 a week at the Globe Tavern. Lincoln bought the only home he would ever own in 1844, expanding it as needed to accommodate his growing family. For the next 17 years he practiced law, became one of the best trial lawyers in the state, and gained national recognition as an orator and political thinker.

In 1861 before leaving for Washington, Abraham Lincoln bid farewell to Springfield, ".to this place, and to the kindness of these people, I owe everything.." Nearly five years later, the first U.S. president to be assassinated would return home on a funeral train.


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