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Introductiontrees in the museum

Let there be peace on earth" go the words to a popular song, "and let it begin with me." Certainly no couple embraced this sentiment more completely than Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover. Indeed, their entire lives were devoted to the search for lasting world peace.

Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover fed people in nearly sixty countries during and after both world wars and were at home on six continents. Because of their many travels, they experienced Christmas in a wide range of settings. One holiday they spent in the Gobi Desert, another Christmas found them on a steamer navigating the Suez Canal, and on yet another, they were in war-torn Belgium. Yet no matter where they were during the holidays, the Hoovers always stopped to reflect on the meaning of peace in this troubled century.

There seemed to be a special connection between the Hoovers as true citizens of the world and the most universal of holidays, a season when people of all faiths join in the age-old wish for "peace on earth, goodwill toward men."

The staff of the Hoover Museum would like to thank the National Czech and Slovak Museum for decorating the Czechoslovakia tree and the Museum of Amana History for loaning their German ornaments. A special thank you to to Patrick Wildenberg for loaning his collection of Peruvian and Chinese Christmas ornaments.

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