The White House Ornaments

The White House Historical Association was created in 1961 to enhance public understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the White House. The income from the sale of these ornaments is used to fund the purchase and restoration of historical furnishings and artworks that become part of the permanent White House collection.

The first ornament was created in 1981 and many presidential administrations use them in decorating the White House tree that stands in the Blue Room.

White House Ornament Tree
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1981 - Benjamin Harrison

1982 - George Washington

1983 - John Adams

1984 - Thomas Jefferson

1985 - James and Dolley Madison

1986 - James Monroe

1987 - John Quincy Adams

1988 - Andrew Jackson

1989 - The 200th anniversary of the Presidency

1990 - Martin Van Buren

1991 - William Henry Harrison

1992 - 200th anniversary of the first stones set at the White House

1993 - Julia Gardiner Tyler

1994 - James and Sarah Polk

1995 - Zachary Taylor

1996 - Millard Fillmore

1997 - Franklin Pierce

1998 - James Buchanan

1999 -Abraham Lincoln

2000- 200th anniversary of the White House as the President's home


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