"Revolutionary America! 1763-1789 April 20-November 3, 2002

1783-1789 and beyond

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"The American war is over, but this is far from the case of the American Revolution. Nothing but the first act of this great drama is closed."
- Benjamin Rush

The former colonies had paid a high price for liberty and began to splinter back into 13 separate identities. Economic disintegration threatened all of the states. Yet as trade regained momentum, industry expanded and the West opened new frontiers, the sense of "becoming American" began to take root.

A call sounded in 1787 for a national convention and during the "miracle at Philadelphia," a brand new body of laws created a unique vision for America. Extraordinary efforts to compromise created a constitution that has granted the United States resiliency through brutal war, peaceful growth, violent social upheaval or horrifying tragedy. Our nation remains a work in progress, but at the beginning of the 21st century, America is still leading the real revolution.


How Did We Do? Sub-Sections
The High Price of Liberty
George Washington
Miracle at Philadelphia
  Three Visionaries: James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton
  The First President of the United States
The Real Revolution
  The Original Rebels


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