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Redcoats and Turncoats

Benedict Arnold

photo of ring

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RING said to have been the engagement ring from Benedict Arnold to Betsey Deblois in 1778. Arnold broke this engagement after meeting Peggy Shippen, whom he married in 1779. After escaping to the British in New York City, the Arnolds sailed to England in 1781.
  On loan from the collection of:
    --Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston MA
PORTRAIT (reproduction) of the wife and child of Benedict Arnold

Man Without A Country

MAJOR GENERAL BENEDICT ARNOLD was a true Revolutionary hero of Quebec, Ticonderoga, and Saratoga. But after he married Philadelphia socialite, Peggy Shippen, he became deeply in debt.

After Arnold was appointed commander of West Point in 1780, Peggy persuaded her husband to meet with British Major John André, who paid thousands of pounds sterling for the complete plans of the fortress. On André's return trip to New York City, however, the papers were discovered in his boot. An alert was sent to General Washington as well as to West Point's commander, Benedict Arnold, who of course fled to the British lines!

John André swung from the gallows, paying with his life for Arnold's treason. Benedict Arnold became a British general but was never fully trusted, and the Arnolds lived the next 20 years in London, despised by Americans and ignored by Englishmen.


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