"Revolutionary America! 1763-1789 April 20-November 3, 2002

The Continental Army
from Boston to Quebec

George Washington, Commander in Chief

photo of exhibit sectionGEORGE WASHINGTON
Commander in Chief

GEORGE WASHINGTON was a commanding presence at 6'3" tall and 225 pounds. As the richest planter in the South, the 42-year-old's primary skills in 1775 included plantation management and entertaining the gentry. Washington spoke little and rarely smiled, but his aloof demeanor masked ongoing pain from ill-fitting dentures.

A veteran of the French and Indian War (who had fought in only two minor battles), Washington embarked on his new command with only a few generals, promises of volunteers and 36 barrels of gunpowder. It was not a promising beginning

In this photo:
BRONZE BUST that was a gift to Herbert Hoover
  On loan from the collection of:
    --Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, West Branch IA
RECEIPT of PAYMENT for troops per order of General Washington, April 15, 1776
    --Robert G. Oswald
SLICE OF THE TREE under which George Washington took command of the Continental Army on July 3, 1775, at Cambridge, Massachusetts
    --State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines IA
PORTRAIT of George Washington (reproduction) painted a few years before the Revolution


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