"Revolutionary America! 1763-1789 April 20-November 3, 2002

Diverse Populations in America

Slave Chains

photo of slave chains
In this photo:
SLAVE CHAINS or SHACKLES of iron, c. 1800s
  On loan from the collection of:
    --James Hicks, Iowa City IA
COLLAR of iron with a key and brass plate engraved "J.G. Scott, N. Brunswick," that may have been used to imprison slaves, c. 1800s
    --James Hicks, Iowa City IA
SERMON, "The blood of Abel, and the blood of Jesus considered and improved, in a sermon delivered at Taunton, December the first, 1763; upon the day of the execution of Bristol, a Negro boy of about sixteen years old, for the murder of Miss Elizabeth McKinstry" by Sylvanus Conant, A.M. pastor of the First Church in Middleborough, published in Boston, 1764
    --University of Iowa Main Library, Special Collections, Iowa City IA



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