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Diverse Populations in America

Daniel Boone

photo of Daniel Boone's rifle
In this photo:
FLINTLOCK RIFLE of Daniel Boone, a 45-caliber barrel in the southern "Kentucky-Pennsylvania" style that has undergone many modifications and only the barrel might be original. Carved on the upper barrel is "Daniel Boone - 1775" plus 15 notches. Boone used this Kentucky rifle as he led an attack against Shawnee forces at Blue Licks on August 19, 1782. After being trapped, Boone was wounded and lost 67 men, including his son Israel, and was forced to retreat. A family member later recovered this rifle that Boone discarded.
  On loan from the collection of:
    --State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines IA
LAND SURVEY (reproduction) of Daniel Boone, 1780
    --Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort KY

Trailblazer to the West

Daniel Boone was a frontiersman whose life represented a vital character in American culture. In 1773 Daniel moved his family to Kentucky Territory. Retracing his route in 1775, he and other woodsmen laid out The Wilderness Road through the 200-mile-long Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains. Boone spent The Revolution on the western frontier, establishing pioneer settlements and fighting Indians allied with Britain.


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