Old Man River:  History Along the Mississippi April 19-November 2, 2003

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Bald eagle and alligator crossing sign1. Upper Vs. Lower Mississippi Regions
--Upper vs. Lower Mississippi Regions

battlefield reenactment 5. Man vs. Man
--The Saints and the Mormon Trek
--The Slavery Question
--Civil War on the Mississippi
--Civil Rights Achievements
bald eagle with preservation officer6. Man vs. Nature
--Nature and Man
      --John James Audubon
      --Chad Pregracke
--Controlling the River
two men in a canoe 2. Early Exploration and Development
--Effigy Moundbuilders
--Exploration in the 1500s and 1600s
--Control of the Mississippi
--Trade and the Indian Removals
--Expeditions and War in the 1800s

Jazz musician7. The Arts Along the River
Music of the Mississippi
      --B.B. King
      --Satchmo and Bix, Jazzmen
      --Elvis Presley
--The Literary Scene
      --Williams and Faulkner
      --Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain

engraving of riverboat3. River Days
--From Early Travel to Steamboatin'
--Characters on the River
--Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain
view of Bellview, Iowa 4. Riverfront Property
--The Northern Banks of the Mississippi
--The Middle of the Mississippi
--The South
New Orleans cemetery 8. Legends and Spirits
--Historic Legends
--Mississippi Hauntings and Spirited Celebrations!
Thank you!
To our 60 lenders and the exhibit's sponsors!
"Riverman" painting9. Selected Artifacts
--those with limited time can view 13 of our favorite exhibit artifacts.
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