Old Man River:  History Along the MississippiApril 19-November 2, 2003

Legends and Spirits

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The Upper vs. The Lower Mississippi
Legends and Spirits exhibit section
Legends and Spirits exhibit section
"I went to the crossroads
Fell down on my knees. Asked the Lord above,
Have mercy now, save poor Bob if you please."
- Robert Johnson

Flowing as murky as the muddy Mississippi itself are historic legends of river characters, sunken treasure, voodoo sacrifice, and ghostly visions. These real-life roustabouts and phantom shapes provide a wild ride down the river!

Along the way meet Mike Fink, the King of the Keelboatmen. Search the Louisiana bayous for French pirate Jean Lafitte, but beware of voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. Follow bluesman Robert Johnson to the crossroad of Highways 61 and 49 … but keep your distance! Paddle along the cliffs in Illinois country to see a fantastic winged monster, or catch a glimpse of the spirit world haunting southern plantations along The Great River Road.

Hauntings and spirited celebrations abound! Experience chills in an Illinois river town, where Alton claims to be the "most haunted small town in America." New Orleans, Louisiana has more than its share of ghosts plus an eclectic mixture of Creole and Cajun culture, voodoo temples, and the raucous celebrations of Mardi Gras. Join in the outlandish parades where all the legends and spirits are anxious to meet you!

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Did you know … ?
Up north was another Frenchman, whiskey moonshiner Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant, who looked just like his name sounded. He ruled a small village until a chapel was built that wiped his name from the map … the town of Pig's Eye Landing was renamed … St. Paul, Minnesota.

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