Old Man River:  History Along the MississippiApril 19-November 2, 2003

Man vs. Nature

Chad Pregracke, founder of Living Lands & Waters
"Coming to a river near you!"

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The Upper vs. The Lower Mississippi
Chad Pregracke exhibit section
Images on loan from the following sources:
~ Chad Pregracke, Living Lands and Waters, Moline IL
~ National Archives and Records Administration and Environmental Protection Agency, Washington D.C

The instigator of a massive river cleanup campaign, Chad Pregracke grew up a few feet from the Mississippi River in Moline, Illinois. In 1997, Chad began alone to clear the Mississippi of trash dumped by careless people or washed ashore during floods. He soon recruited a few dedicated crew members, founded "Living Lands & Waters," trained thousands of volunteers, and persuaded corporate sponsors to help clean up 1200 miles of shoreline.

Over 800 tons of garbage have been collected - tires, oil drums, propane tanks, toilets, refrigerators, pesticide containers, washing machines, air conditioners - and much of this rusted rubbish can be recycled. Pregracke has launched an "Adopt a Mississippi River Mile" campaign to promote ongoing community pride within river towns, and is also working to clear the Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, and Hudson Rivers.

In June 2002, Chad Pregracke was honored with The Jefferson Award - America's version of the Nobel Prize for Public Service. Chad calls the Mississippi River a "national treasure" and is proving his loyalty, one piece of trash at a time.

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Did you know … ?
For further information, e-mail Chad Pregracke at chad@cleanrivers.com, visit his website at www.cleanrivers.com, write to Living Lands & Waters, 17615 Great River Road, Route 84 North, East Moline, IL 61244, or call
(309) 496-9848.

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