The Eagle and the Dragon:  U.S. Relations with China. April 21 - October 28, 2001

photo of moongate with eagle and dragons

China has always been on America's horizon. From Columbus' quest to find a direct route to China in 1492 to a mid-air spy plane collision in 2001, these nations have been indirectly linked for hundreds of years. And yet, the United States has interacted seriously with China for only the last 150 of its 4,000-year history. This ancient civilization was transformed by revolutionary events into a world power. Our American government has negotiated, threatened, coached, feared, and warily welcomed China into the international fold. Future international events may well set the agenda for either worldwide progress or worldwide turmoil for generations to come. Is Communist China an ally or a threat? The last 150 years of China's political evolution may hold some clues.


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