An Ancient Civilization

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Remote, mysterious, and dubbed the "Dragon Empire," China was the only civilization in the world upon which Western thought exercised little or no influence until modern times. Through wondrous tales from ancient travelers of teas, silks, and other exotic treasures, Western traders were lured to the East. China limited their access to a few seaports, however, and remained aloof.

Were the Chinese so different from their Western counterparts? China's culture was based upon the same needs, actions, and emotions of human behavior as in the West. Eastern thought, however, evolved into a vastly different form of belief systems and philosophies.

Uninterrupted for over 4,000 years of recorded history, China's civilization has been a continuous but not a changeless culture. Inventive modifications revealed a people of vitality and adaptability who discovered breakthroughs in science and medicine and created beautiful works of art.

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