If your time to spend in our virtual exhibit is very limited, we suggest following some of these links to see some of our favorite "treasures" in the exhibit.

Artistic Treasures

dragon robe
Imperial Dragon Robes

Golden Lotus Shoes
The Empress Dowager's Needlework
fu dogs
Chinese Fu Dogs
New Year's Dragonhead Mask
Ch'ing Dynasty Porcelains
snuff  bottles
Snuff Bottles
jade bowls
Jade Vessels
embroidered screen
Embroidered Screen
embroidered scroll
Embroidered Scroll


Political Treasures

framed sketches
Boxer Rebellion Sketches

Lou Hoover's bullet
Lou Hoover's Bullet
slave contract
Chinese Slave Contract
letter from Mao
Letter from Mao Zedong
Letter from Chiang
Letter from Chiang Kai-shek
lbj cartooon
Cartoon of LBJ
Mao's Little Red Book
Mao's Little Red Book
Nixon in China
Nixon meets with Mao Zedong
Cartoon of formal recongintion of the PRC
needlepoint portriat
Needlepoint "photo" of Bush and Deng


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