American Women!
A Celebration of Our History
April 22 -- October 29, 2000

Feminist and Women's Advocate


"I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career."


For almost 30 years, Gloria Steinem has been a leader of the third generation of feminists. Following in the footsteps of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Margaret Sanger, Steinem crusades for every woman's right to control her own body. In 1972 Gloria founded Ms. Magazine, a popular platform for American feminism. For 15 years she served as editor and continues her support as a writer and consulting editor.

Steinem co-founded the Women's Action Alliance, the National Women's Political Caucus, the Ms. Foundation for Women, and the Coalition of Labor Union Women. She has also been active in peace and civil rights campaigns, Vietnam war protests, and political campaigns.

As was the case with her predecessors, Gloria Steinem faces organized resistance from religious groups, political parties, and both men and women. But as in the 19th century, at least parts of her message are slowly but steadily gaining support.

Historic Artifacts:

THE READER'S COMPANION TO U.S. HISTORY, edited by Wilma Mankiller, Gwendolyn Mink, Marysa Navarro, Barbara Smith, and Gloria Steinem. Autographed by Gloria Steinem.
-- On loan from Joyce Harken, Mount Vernon IA

MS. MAGAZINE, Spring 1972 Premier Issue
MS. MAGAZINE, 1982 10th Anniversary Issue
TIME MAGAZINE with article, "Fighting the Backlash." by Gloria Steinem & Susan Faludi, March 1992
REVOLUTION FROM WITHIN, written by Steinem
REPORT, "The Spirit of Houston: First National Women's Conference"
BOOKLET, "Birthday Book" prepared for Steinem's 50th birthday
POSTER, "Support the ERA-Put Women in the Constitution"
PHOTOS of Steinem
-- On loan from Ms. Magazine, New York NY

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