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How to give 3D depth to an image or text

Cut several small squares of fomecore or gatorboard or use small pieces of plywood. Glue or tape together as many pieces as you want (don't go overboard). Then tape or glue the stack to the back of the image or text page and glue or tape the whole thing to your panel. Here. look at what I mean (each of these photos has an enlarged view you can see if you click on the image):

The pieces of gatorboard ready to be mounted
the pieces of gator taped together
the stacks on the back of the image
In this photo you can see the small pieces of gatorboard that I cut with the knife, but you can use fomecore, too. I'm using foam tape, but any double sided tape will work or glue. And you can see the cutout of Buffalo Bill I found behind a filing cabinet that I'll use for the picture. I've put a small piece of tape on each square of gator and I've taped them together in a stack like pancakes. Here are the stacks taped to the back of the photo. I used two pieces of gator taped together on the top and the bottom of the cutout. You can see the tape that will be used to hang the photo to the panel. You know, a piece of velcro with the sticky back on it would also work well. Then stick the other half of the velcro to your panel and you can take it down when you're moving it and put it up for display!

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