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Practical Help for Exhibit Design

Practical Help for Exhibit Design


The three most important parts of your National History Day project are: research, writing and presentation. The visual presentation of your project is very important - othewise this would be a research paper.

Each year the Hoover Library and Museum staff present workshops to students on how to make their National History Day exhibits relevant and interesting for a very small amount of money. These pages are desinged to help students create a visual presentation.

The first step in creating your NHD project is to go to the National History Day website and read the pages on how to do an exhibit and the rules for making an exhibit. IF THERE IS ANYTHING ON THE HOOVER WEBSITE THAT CONTRADICTS WHAT NHD SAYS, ALWAYS GO WITH THE NATIONAL HISTORY DAY RULES.

The following pages are guidelines created by museum curators that will give you examples of how to create an exhibit. Please make sure that these guidelines follow the National History Day rules.



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