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Font examples

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Some fonts are best used for titles, and some are better for paragraphs and would be boring for titles. Here are some examples (click on any of them for an enlargement). This paragraph is about Herbert Hoover. Considering the topic, take a look at the fonts I tried.


This is a font called Calvin and Hobbes. It would be a great font for a title for a kid-related theme, but uses for text it is too difficult to read.

font example


This is a font called Music Hall. It looks like an old-fashioned concert program cover or a cover from some sheet music. But to read it in 3 paragraphs is really hard.

font example


Now look. I used the Music Hall font, but just for the title. I used Times for the body of the text. Much better. Any serif font would look nice here (serif means the letters have "feet"). Serif fonts always seem more old fashioned to me and san serif (without "feet"), like the one you are reading now, seem more modern.

font example


The font is called "Fox Trot," it is generally a bad idea to write entire paragraphs in all capitols.

font example


Here is a heavy masculine font called "Roman Stone Cut" for the title and a popular serif font, Garamond, for the body. It's easy to read and classy looking.

font example



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