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Practical Help in exhibit design
Font examples cut outs

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paper and printout of the word "Book"\
Letters being cut out with scissors
laying out the letters the RIGHT way
1. Print the word "Books" in MS Word in a 400 pt font (or whatever size fits your panel). Choose a font that's heavy or thick for this. If it's too thin, it will be harder to see and work with. You can also see the purple marbleized paper I'll be using for the letters.
2. Use scissors and cut out the letters.
3. Trace around the letters with a pencil on the back of the paper you are using.You might need to tape the letters down. Be sure to flip the cutout letters over before tracing so they are not backwards.
The text on a black background
the letters on a plum background
the letters on a blue backtground
4. Here are the letters cut out and flipped over. They look nice on black.
6. Then experient with the letters on different colored backgrounds.
8. If you use marbleized paper like in these photos, you will probably go to an art store to buy it. You might want to look at matboard while you are there. It comes in tons of colors and you can hold your marbleized paper next to the boards to find one that looks good. You might even be able to cover the front of your panel with matboard instead of painting. Painting might be cheaper, though. You should check on that. There are other papers at art stores, too. They also have thin, gauzy papers that would show the background color through them. Go to an art store and check it out.

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