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The word "Hollywood" in the photo is made out of gatorfome painted white. We printed out big letters, cut them out with scissors, traced around them on the gator, cut them out of the gator with a rotozip saw and then painted them white. For the word "Cowboys" we printed out the letters on paper . We then cut the center of the letters out with an exacto knife (ask your art teacher for an exacto knife and for help) or if your letters are plain and thick, you might be able to use a pair of scissors. Cut out anything that's black. Remember to use the part of the paper that's left after cutting out the black part. Throw the black parts away. Then we taped the pieces of paper with the letter-shaped holes to the wall and painted over them like a stencil. It worked surprisingly well. Printer paper works as a stencil if you only use it once and don't use too much paint. Use a stencil brush and stencil paint and just dab it on until you have enough.

Hollywood Cowboys exhibit

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