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Laura Ingalls Wilder

Pioneering Journeys of the Ingalls Family
Walnut Grove, Minnesota
Frame House


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With the help of the Ingallses' neighbor, Mr. Nelson, Pa built a new house from sawed boards and shingled the roof with boughten shingles. The house had glass windows, a front and back door and an attic where Laura and Mary could sleep and play.

a family in front of a frame house
Family in front of a frame house
--Photograph courtesy of the Johnson County Historical Society, P.O. Box 5081, Coralville, IA 52241-5081 http://www.jccniowa.org/~JCHSWEB

The Ingalls family's new house might have looked like this house, located in Johnson County , Iowa . It was also built with boards and the roof was shingled with boughten shingles. There was a front door and glass in the windows, too.

Kitchen in the Surveyors' House
--Photo courtesy of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society, 105 Olivet Avenue, Box 426, De Smet, SD 57231 http://www.liwms.com

As a surprise for Ma, Pa bought a cookstove for the new house. The stove had four holes on the top and round lids that fitted them. There was an iron handle to lift the lids and a door with slits on it where coal or wood was burned. Pa put a stovepipe up through the ceiling into the attic and out through a hole in the roof. Ma did not know if she dared to get dinner on such a beautiful stove. Ma's cookstove looked like the black stove in the photograph above. The green stove below has a bigger oven, more burners and a reservoir on the right for hot water.

a cookstove
A cookstove
--Photo courtesy of the Lone Tree Museum , 203 S. Devoe Street, Lone Tree, IA 52755

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