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Title Page from McGuffey's Speller
Title Page From McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book

Children had to purchase their own spelling books. This McGuffey Eclectic Spelling Book was purchased in 1901 and was shared by a brother and sister.

Alphabet page from McGuffey Speller Spelling lesson 1
Alphabet Page From McGufuffey Speller
Spelling Lesson 1 From McGufuffey Speller

Here are two of the first lessons in the McGuffey speller. What grades do you think would learn these lessons?

Older students memorized the correct spelling, pronunciation and meaning of these words. In Little Town on the Prairie , a community spelling bee was held in the schoolhouse in De Smet. Laura loved to spell. She spelled "differentiation" correctly but had to sit odwn when she misspelled "xanthophyll." Pa spelled it correctly and spelled down the entire town.

Lesson 85-86 from McGuffey's Speller
Lessons 85-86 from McGuffey Speller











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