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Woodmere's White House Collection of China

This exclusive set of a 7 inch dessert plate and 8 ounce matching cup and saucer is reproduced in 16 different Presidential designs. Each are sold separately, plates are $50.00 each and cup and saucers are $60.00 each. A dessert or drink recipe and certificate of authenticity accompanies each beautifully boxed piece. Specify President when ordering. Click on each item for a description and larger photograph.

George Washington
George Washington Plate
James Monroe
James Monroe Plate
Matching Cup and Saucer

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Plate
Matching Cup and Saucer


Blue and White Porcelains

The Hoover's collected Chinese porcelain pieces from the Ming and Ch'ing dynasties. Our selections are representative of their collection. All pieces are blue and white and of a Chinese design. These porcelains are subject to availability and the patterns may vary.

Set of four desert plates
Blue and White Dessert Plates
Set of four is $25.00
Blue and White Star Fish
Porcelain Shells or Starfish

$6.00 each
#09-17, 09-20, 09-19, 09-18, 09-21

Blue and White Tea Pot
Porcelain Tea Pot "A"



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