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#13--Iowa Sweatshirt, Khaki and blue shirts with state outline depicting a farm scene and the Iowa bird and flower (L, XL). $25.00

#342--Great Seal Sweatshirt, navy or burgundy sweatshirt with embossed Seal on the front (L,XL). $25.00

Iowa and Great Seal sweatshirts
#13 (left) and #342

#630--Hoover Museum Sweatshirt, yellow, navy or burgundy with embroiderer patriotic emblem and "Hoover Museum, Iowa, USA." 80% cotton, 20 % poly. (L,XL). $35.00

yellow sweatshirt

#631--"We Can Do It" sweatshirt, featuring Rosie the Riveter, 50/50 cotton-poly blend. (L, XL). $25.00

rosie sweatshirt






#3--U.S. flag on a khaki cotton tee-shirt with the word 'Iowa" written under the flag (L,XL).$13.00
U.S. Flag tee-shirt
#15--Hoover Museum American Flag T-shirt, a preshrunk, 100% cotton shirt in gray or khaki with "Hoover Museum West Branch, Iowa" and an American flag in the shape of Iowa (L, XL) Specify color $13.00
Hoover Museum Flag tee-shirt#15
#575--Camp Hoover Tee-shirt, choose between sage, burgundy, navy or natural colored tee-shirt with an embroidered trout, creel and rod on upper left (L, XL). Specify color. $19.50
Camp Hoover Tee-shirt
#5--Iowa, "The Hawkeye State" Tee-shirt, white, navy,burgandy,and beige cotton blend featuring a map of Iowa detailing famous people and sites (L, XL). $13.00
Iowa The Hawkeye State - tee-shirt
#576--Hoover Museum Stars and Stripes Tee-shirt, a white shirt with an embroidered patriotic emblem and "Hoover Museum, Iowa USA" in red, white and blue. (L, XL). $17.50
Hoover Museum Stars and Stripes Tee-shirt
#7-Hoover Museum Eagle Tee-shirt , a preshrunk, white, 100% cotton shirt with embroidered eagle and "Hoover Museum" on the top left. (L,XL).$13.00

Hoover Museum Eagle Tee-shirt

#341--U.S. Flag Tee-shirt, a white cotton blend shirt with a glitter eagle and flag on the front. (L,XL).$13.00
U.S. Flag Tee-shirt
#6--"We Can do It" Tee-shirt, white cotton shirt featuring Rosie the Rivieter (L, XL). $13.00 or long sleeve for $15.00
We Can Do It - Tee-shirt#6






100% Silk Ties

All ties $28.00
#24--"Ex Libris" Library--navy tie with muted shades of leather-bound volumes.
#343--"Elephant" --navy with red, white and blue elephants.
#579--"Great Seal Tie"--red or blue with Great Seal and "the White House". Specify color.
#25--"Presidents' Signature Tie"--navy or cream with presidential seal and "President of the US"
Specify color.

Silk Ties
#24, #343 ,#579, #25


Presidents' Signature Scarf

#27--Presidents' Signature Scarf--red, white and blue oblong scarf with signatures from Washington to George W. Bush. 100% polyester, machine washable. $9.00




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