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The Herbert Hoover Museum enables visitors to experience the many sides of Iowa's only President. The tour begins in a rotunda area with a 16 foot red granite map of the world and inserted in the floor are 57 brass sheaves of wheat - one in every nation where Hoover conducted relief efforts.

Move on the the exciting displays of the Australian outback, China at the turn of the century, a Belgian relief warehouse during the first World War, and the Inaugural Platform on March 4, 1929. Stop by the President's fishing cabin, and see a display of Mrs. Hoover's dresses. Then visit suite 31A at the Waldorf Towers where Mr. Hoover spent the last years of his life.

Please visit our permanent exhibits by following the links below or by clicking on the gallery in the map below.

Years of Adventure
Years of Adventure
Gallery 1
The Humanitarian Years'
The Humanitarian Years
Gallery 2
The Roaring Twenties
The Roaring Twenties
Gallery 3
The Wonder Boy
The Wonder Boy
Gallery 4
The Logical Candidate
The Logical Candidate
Gallery 5
The Great Depression
The Great Depression Gallery 6
From Hero to Scapegoat
From Hero to Scapegoat
Gallery 7
An Uncommon Woman
An Uncommon Woman
Gallery 8
Counselor to the Republic
Couselor to the Republic
Gallery 9
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